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Does prenatal pills make gain weight Because I heard that it does and if you are taking the morning sickness pill do you still need to take the prenatal pill too?

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What pills or vitamin pills can you take to gain weight not the powder?

Actually. There are sertain Vitamins you can take, they wont make you gain weight just by taking the vitamin, but it helps so that when you take them and eat our meals everyda

Why does the morning-after pill make you sick?

The morning-after pill can make you sick due to the body's reaction  to the chemical or chemicals it contains. There are at least three  kinds of emergency contraceptive pil

What are prenatal pills taken for?

  Prenatal vitamins are for maternal health - they should be taken by women who plan to have a child (it is common to start a year before expecting) - should also be taken

How often do you need to take prenatal pills?

  Depends on the vitamin - some are once a day, others can be 3 times/6 times a day (the later is better b/c they are lower doses and you absorb more nutrients). If you t

Will it hurt me if i take prenatal pills while on birth control?

  No, it won't hurt you. If you plan on becoming pregnant within the next three months and going off BC pills during that time, you should begin taking prenatal vitamins t
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What do you do if you throw up your prenatal pills?

It can't really be helped. Luckily the morning sickness (even though it can be 24H/day) wont last forever and usually stops in the second trimester. Make sure you don't take i