How do you put apps on your iPhone?

on your home screen there is a app that says app storre. . touch that and look up the on you want to get on your fone . at the top there is a button that says buy click that (MORE)
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Can you use iPhone apps on iPhone clones?

No. The app store ( if you have it ) will know it is a clone and will say you need to have a certain update in order to install the application. I know because I thought I cou (MORE)

Can you put iPhone apps on to a mytouch?

Use touch ID on iphone and ipad Before you can set up Touch ID, you'll have to make a password foryour gadget. At that point take after these step 1 Ensure that theHome catch (MORE)

How do you use bushels on iPhone app?

With the most recent version (as of Dec 2010) of the iPhone App, just tap your market stall and you'll get a window of your bushels, allowing you to use them. Alternatively (MORE)