Sir Alan sugar work address?

Dear sir my son was interviewed for the apprentice he had a fewmeetings but was not chosen.what I wanted to let you no he hassince worked so hard on his handmade kitchen unit (MORE)

What school did Sir Alan Sugar go to?

He went to Brooke House in Hackney in the East End of London. In the early 80's the school merged with the nearby Upton House School in Homerton, and was renamed to Homerton H (MORE)
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What are the characteristics of sir Alan sugar?

sir alan sugar is an Creative Innovative Risk Taker Capital Generator Leader Motivator Adaptive to Suggestions Energetic Committed High Perseverance Person Able to Assume Res (MORE)

How did Sir Alan Sugar achieve success?

I guess through hard work and having an eye for opportunity. The ability to spot changing and emerging trends, particularly in the electronics industry proved extremely valuab (MORE)