Does smile heal wounds?

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How does a wound heal?

There are 3 phases in wound healing . Inflammatory . Proliferation . Remodelling I. Inflammatory phase The inflammatory phase takes place immediately after the

How does mitosis help heal a wound?

Mitosis helps heal a wound through cell division. As the cellsdivide, they replace the damage cells in the wound helping it heal.

Do haemophiliac's wounds heal naturally?

Wow. Do I even need to answer this one? . First off, I praise you for spelling Haemophiliac Correctly. . But, seriously. if your blood can't clot, how on earth is it gonna c

How do you make wounds heal faster?

Keep the wound clean and dry and use a good antibiotic. I recommend"triple" antibiotic. Many people no long recomend an antibiotic.

Advantages of open wound healing?

There are more disadvantages than advantages to open wound healing.The only real advantage is that there is less of a chance ofscarring.

Does stress help wound healing?

Stress helps in wound healing. Care should be given to avoid excessstress to growing collagen. Stress given should be in a mild andgradual manner .
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How wound heals?

-Platelets found in the blood secret an enzyme which converts soluble plasma protein, fibrinogen to insoluble fibrin threads. -red blood cells get trap in the threads to for