Does the Lauren kate fallen book have any relation to the fallen series on abc family?

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What is the book Fallen by Lauren Kate about?

The book is about a girl named Luce, short for Lucinda Price. She has been sent to a Reform school called Sword and Cross. In other words it's for kids who haven't been all th

How many books has fallen by Lauren kate sold?

Random House estimates the Fallen series has sold around 2 million copies in the US. Because Random House does not publish Fallen internationally, they do not collect sells fi

Who are the characters in the book Fallen by Lauren Kate?

Lucinda 'Luce' Price Luce is the main protagonist of the novel. She started seeing 'Shadows' at a young age. As a child, she tells her parents about her increasing "ability
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Who is the model on the cover of the Fallen books by Lauren Kate?

This question was asked of Lauren Kate in an interview to which she replied: "The girl on the cover is a Brazilian artist. She photographed, does all the special effects, an