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Does the filament of an incandescent light bulb glow because it gets extremely hot?

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How hot does a filament light bulb get?

      Hot, really hot. Typically in the range of about 2000C to 2500C (3600F - 4500F).     It would be pretty difficult to directly measure the temperature

How hot does a incandescent light bulb get?

An incandescent light bulb works by putting so much current through the filament that the filament glows white hot. You risk serious heat burns from any incandescent bulb that

What gas and filament is in an incandescent light bulb?

Most common house hold light bulbs are really just evacuated to really low pressures and contain a tungsten filament. the reason being is that tungsten has high resistivity an

Why does the incandescent light bulb hot?

That type of bulb makes its light by making a small piece of  tungsten wire glow at around 3000 degrees Celsius. Obviously that  process also produces a lot of heat so incan