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ER Diagram for a hospital system?

ANSWER The ER is the hub of the hospital. This is where people first come in to be seen by a doctor. This is equivalent to that of a foyer in a church or in a house where peop (MORE)

ER Diagram for a railway management system?

there are three entities involved station railway and passengers railway has station nd attributes of railway are railway no. railway name railway type and railway seats and s (MORE)

Er diagram for hospital management system?

An ER diagram is an entity-relationship diagram they show  individuals and their links to each other. An ER diagram for a  hospital management system would be a flow chart s (MORE)

What is an ER Diagram for a college system?

An ER diagram for a college system is an entity relationship  diagram that is used to identify the entities of the college system  and what those entities expect from the sy (MORE)

ER Diagram for a student system?

HI, You can find out the solution for this by this link...Check relevant post. May it will help you.. Read full page (MORE)

What is ER diagram for timetable management system?

An ER diagram is an "Entity Relationship" diagram, which illustrates the relationships between the entities in a data model. A data model for a timetable management system mig (MORE)