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ER Diagram for a college system?

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What is an ER Diagram for a college system?

An ER diagram for a college system is an entity relationship  diagram that is used to identify the entities of the college system  and what those entities expect from the sy

ER Diagram for a medical store system?

medical store system is the system in which the medicals are arranged in manner that they are kept differen recks for the different categories

ER Diagram for a hospital system?

ANSWER The ER is the hub of the hospital. This is where people first come in to be seen by a doctor. This is equivalent to that of a foyer in a church or in a house where peop

Er diagram for hospital management system?

An ER diagram is an entity-relationship diagram they show  individuals and their links to each other. An ER diagram for a  hospital management system would be a flow chart s