Effects of sunlight on rubber ink and paper?

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Can you get ink poisoning from a rubber stamp?

Toxicity from a rubber stamp depends on the ink being used. Mostall inks on today's market are considered nontoxic and would takeover an ounce of ink being ingested to cause a

How does sunlight effect paper?

There are many different types and grades of paper, and sunlight affects them all differently. The brown "craft" paper, such as a paper grocery bag, is relatively unaffected b

How do termites follow ink on paper?

termite are blind so color doesn't matter. whats important is the ink. The ink of some pens mimic a pheromone that termites use to communicate in the wild but keep in mind onl

How do you remove ink from rubber?

Put a drop of pure lemon extract on the ink stain. . Use cotton buds to rub the stain or use a small brush to remove the ink stain right after putting the lemon extract. . 3

How do remove ink from thermal paper?

You will need nail polish remover,bleach (good bleach required- none of that 99 cent, watered downstuff), & a low or no lint rag (I used an old sock, right sideout). First dip