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Emerson universal remote code BLC320EM9?

I have the very same TV bought at Wal-Mart and hooked up to The Dish Network and I have been working all day to get the Dish remote to work. I cannot shut off the TV or change (MORE)

What are the att u-verse remote control codes for an Emerson LC195EM9 tv?

The ATT Uverse silver remote doesn't work well with Emerson TVs. Most will turn off with the correct code but NOT ON. Find the code that will turn OFF the Emerson TV.(volume s (MORE)

What are the TV codes for an Emerson TV?

These obviously must vary as Emerson was in business a long time and as Emerson Radio and Television had a large- now demolished, plant in lower Jersey City, not far from the (MORE)

What are codes for LD190EM1 Emerson tv using Dishnework remote?

The remote codes for the Emerson TV are: 632, 652, 679, 682, 692, 661, 662, or 657. I have also provided instructions on how to program the remote to your TV. Remotes: Bas (MORE)