Espn is only playing the AFC playoff games...iss there another channel in south africa that plays nfl games?

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How many games are played in the NBA playoffs?

With each playoff series being a best of 7 series, and 16 teams that make the playoffs, you have 8 series in the first round (times 7 games) which is a possibility of 56 games (if all of them went to 7 games). Then, in the second round, you have 4 series, so that is 28 possible games. Then, you have (MORE)

How many playoff games are there in the NFL?

If you are talking about the amount of Playoff games that occur overall, it is 11 games total. If you are talking about the number of games a team can play in, this will depend on if they are a wildcard or not. A wildcard team will play in up to four games including the Super Bowl. A non wildcard te (MORE)

How many games are played in nfl?

Each team plays a 16-game schedule. 16 x 32 teams = 512 games per regular season Then the playoffs consist of four wildcard games, four divisional games, two conference championships, and the Super Bowl.

Who played in the Disney Channel Games?

2006 Blue Team (Winners) . Brenda Song (captain) - The Suite Life of Zach & Cody . Corbin Bleu - High School Musical . Vanessa Anne Hudgens - High School Musical . Jason Earles - Hannah Montana . Cole Sprouse - The Suite Life of Zach & Cody . Monique Coleman - High School Music (MORE)

When did the NFL cardinals play in the playoffs?

The Cardinals have made the playoffs in 6 seasons:. 1947, 1948, 1974, 1975, 1982, 1998. They won the NFL championship in 1947 and were the champs in 1925, prior to the NFL instituting a playoff for the championship (the NFL began playoffs in 1933).

Longest play in an NFL game?

On November 4, 2007, against the Minnesota Vikings, Antonio Cromartie of the San Diego Chargers returned a missed field goal 109 yards for a touchdown.

What was the first year the 49ers played in an NFL playoff game?

That was 1957 when they lost the NFL Championship game to the Detroit Lions, 31-27.. Their first ever appearance in the playoffs was 1949 when they were playing in the All American Football Conference. They defeated the New York Yankees, 17-7, in the semi-final game and then lost to the Cleveland B (MORE)

Who is playing in the 2010 NFL playoffs?

The teams that are playing in the NFL playoffs are colts, chargers, titans, steelers, ravens, dolphins, eagles, vikings, falcons, cardinalds, giants, and the panthers.

Which NFL AFC teams have not won an AFC championship game?

Teams that have never won an AFC championship game: Cleveland Browns, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs. The Jets and the Chiefs each won their lone super bowl when it was the AFL-NFL championship game. The AFC Championship game as we know it today began in (MORE)

How many games do you play in an NBA playoff game?

Team managing to reach 4 wins in a play-off series, eliminates the other team. Therefore, there may be 4 games if the series finishes with 4-0. There may also be 7 games, if the series finishes with 4-3. (There may be 5 or 6 games, too.) The most a team could play is 28 games. 7 in the first round (MORE)

How many games played in NBA playoffs?

It depends on how each series turns out. There are 4 rounds- 8 series in the first, 4 in the second, 2 in the third, and one for the championship. If each one takes 7 games, there is a total possible of 105 games. However, series usually do not take that long. Each series has a minimum of 4 games pl (MORE)

How many games are played in the NHL playoffs?

There are at least 4 games per best of seven series with a maximum of 7 games per series played. There are a total of 15 series (7 series per conference plus 1 for the Stanley Cup). That's at least 60 games with a maximum of 105 games (if every series goes to game 7). Each team plays 4 series. Th (MORE)

Who is the oldest quarterback to play in a playoff game?

That was George Blanda who, at age 43, replaced an injured Darryl Lamonica for the Oakland Raiders in the second quarter of the 1970 AFC Championship game and completed 17 passes in 32 attempts for 271 yards, 2 TDs, and 3 INTs. The Raiders wound up losing to the Baltimore Colts, 27-17.

What quarterbacks from the same college have played in an NFL playoff game against each other?

I can think of a few ... 1) 1971 AFC Division round playoff game between the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs - both Bob Griese (Dolphins) and Len Dawson (Chiefs) attended Purdue University. 2) 1972 AFC Division round playoff game between the Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns - both Bob (MORE)

What player has played in the most playoff games?

Wide Receiver Jerry Rice is the current record holder for having been in the most playoff games. Rice has been in 29 playoff games in his career. . 4 Super Bowls . 6 NFC Championship Games . 1 AFC Championship Game . 11 NFC Divisional Games . 2 AFC Divisional Games . 3 NFC Wildcard Games . (MORE)

How many plays are in a NFL game?

As of the end of the 2013 NFL season, the average number of playsin an NFL game for each team is between 60 and 70 plays or 120-140combined between the two (2) teams.

Why does the NFL play games on Sunday?

Weekends are a good time for games because most fans are off work and can attend. College football games are generally on Saturday, so the NFL plays on Sunday in order to avoid competition for viewers. After the college season is over, the NFL schedules some games on Saturdays.

Where will the 2011 AFC championship game be played?

If the New England Patriots beat the New York Jets on January 16th, than the AFC championship will be at Gillette Stadium Foxborough Massachusetts. If the Pittsburgh Steelers win and the Patriots lose, than the AFC championship will be at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. If both the Steelers (MORE)

Which teams did the Pittsburgh Steelers play in the AFC Championship game?

12/31/72 - Miami Dolphins (lost) . 12/29/74 - Oakland Raiders (won) . 01/04/76 - Oakland Raiders (won) . 12/26/76 - Oakland Raiders (lost) . 01/07/79 - Houston Oilers (won) . 01/06/80 - Houston Oilers (won) . 01/06/85 - Miami Dolphins (lost) . 01/15/95 - San Diego Chargers (lost) . 01/14 (MORE)

What game do people play in the Playoffs?

The game that has playoffs is most likely Football (US- NFL) but could also be referring to Baseball or a plethora of other sports. To find more information of play offs a web search may help or if one heard that some co-workers were talking about a play-off ask them or look up sports that are curre (MORE)