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Explain how accommodating custtomers delivery needs contributes to customer loyality?

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How many copies of delivery note is made?

There are usually three parts to a delivery note. Once they sign for the delivery, the top copy goes to the customer, the middle copy goes to the delivery company, and the bot

Why do you need to clearly understand what the customers needs are?

To provide service quality that meets the needs and expectations of customers, it is necessary that everyone in the organisation understands that it is the customer who pays

What does it mean to satisfy customer needs and wants?

It means if a customer for example wants something done or has a complaint, you try to fix it and keep them happy. Also the customer is always right

What factors affect how a customers special needs are accommodated?

The decision on whether to accommodate these needs will be based on: The decision on whether to accommodate specific needs should be made based on the consideration of a few