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Explain the main reason NASA was a friend?

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What does NASA do?

NASA is the US "National Aeronautics and Space Administration", the US government's civilian space agency.   NASA was responsible for early rocket testing and the first US

Explain the two main reasons for using layered protocol architecture for network communication?

A layered protocol architecture provides a conceptual framework for dividing the complex task of exchanging information between remote hosts into simpler tasks.Each protocol l

Explain the two main reason for using layered protocol architecture for network communication?

1. Protocol layering is a common technique to simplify networking designs by dividing them into functional layers, and assigning protocols to perform each layer's task. For

What is nasa about?

nasa is all about aeronautics and space very mysterious indeed.

What are the main location of NASA?

The National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) is  headquartered in Washington, DC. There are at least nine other  major facilities across the US.

Who does NASA answer to?

Congress determines what NASA will do based on the budget provided each year. The agency also reports to the President of the United States by way of the Office of Science and

Q Which way do you prefer to spend time with a small number of close friends or with many friends Compare these two options Use specific reason to explain your answer?

To spend time with a small group of friends. It's better with a small group, because your able to spend time with all your friends. If you have a big group, you'll probably fo

How does NASA explain the face on Mars?

The "Face" on Mars that was captured by early space probe Viking 1 in 1976, was again captured by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor in 1998, using HD cameras. It shows that it's jus