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Explain why air pressure is a result of Earth's gravity?

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Why is air pressure greatest at the Earth's surface?

Because as you get closer to the surface of the earth, the more air that is on top of you. At the top of the atmosphere, there is no air, and everything is a vacuum, where you

How does the earth's surface effect air pressure?

Air pressure is a atmospheric pressure. Air pressure creates: 1. Different climate 2. Creation of rain 3. Creation of wind 4. It prevents small asteroids to come to

How does gravity affect air pressure?

due to the gravitational pull of earth we are now having atmosphere,ie;the RMS(root mean squre)velocity of gases in earth is less than escpe velocity of earth,so gases cannot

How heavy is air pressure near earth's surface?

About equal to 30 inches of Mercury.

Does air have no weight as a result of gravity?

Air does have a weight! And it is because of gravity! Note that this is per definition true because weight is only defined in the presence of gravity. Perhaps you are confus