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Explain why air pressure is a result of Earth's gravity?

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What is the relationship between temperature air pressure and density in the layers of the earth's atmosphere?

With increasing altitude in the atmosphere, pressure decreases and  so does density. Temperature varies depending on the layer in which  the air is. The top of the stratosph

What percent of earth's gravity does Uranus have?

       OK, your question was "What percent of Earth's gravity does Uranus have?" We [the website] could just give you the clear answer that you wanted. But we're

What planet's gravity is the same gravity as the Earth's?

Really none, there is no actual planet that has the exact same gravity, some can be close, like saying it Gforce was 2000, and another was 2000, but actually its like 2000.010

How does gravity change earth's surface?

Easy, it makes land slides and mud slides and can change the majority of things on earth by crashing down trees or moving rocks or making a passage way after it dries.

Describe atmospheric pressure as resulting from weight of air?

  Answer   Simply put, atmospheric pressure is the force exerted on a measuring point by the weight of the air molecules on top of that point. Standard atmospheric

EXPLAIN how earth's gravity affects objects that are on or near earth?

All mass attracts all other mass, thats a fact. The force due to gravity between the earth and another object, is dependent on their combined mass (earth and object), and the

How does the Sun's gravity compares with the Earth's gravity?

Gravity is a function of mass - the greater the mass, the greater the gravity. The sun's mass makes it's gravitational pull strong enough to keep 8 planets, some at distances
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Why is air pressure greater near earth's surface?

Imagine this scenario: a pyramid of cheerleaders. The ones at the bottom feel more pressure, because there's more people on top. The ones on top feel less pressure because the

Why is air pressure greatest at the Earth's surface?

Because as you get closer to the surface of the earth, the more air that is on top of you. At the top of the atmosphere, there is no air, and everything is a vacuum, where you
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Is air gravity?

No, air is not gravity. Gravity is gravity, and air is air. You can have air without gravity, and you can have gravity without air. On Earth's surface we have both air and gra
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Explain why the force of gravity is not exactly the same everywhere on earth's surface?

The elevation, i.e. radius from the center of the Earth, is not constant around the Earth. You have mountains and you have oceans, with widely varying elevation. Also, the rad