Femme fait des sex avec homme?

Femme fait des sex avec homme?

How do you translate homme de terrain?

"un homme de terrain" is used when speaking of someone who is comfortable doing practical things, and working on the field and solving problems as they arise. The opposite of (MORE)

What is Querelle des Femmes?

  The "quarrel" was, in the sixteenth century, a literary and philosophical debate -- largely among men -- about the intellectual and amorous capabilities of women. Now th (MORE)

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What is the difference between eau de toilette and pour homme?

"Pour homme" means "for men." In the classical fragrance world, "eau de toilette" (toilet water) has the lightest fragrance, "eau de cologne" (water of Cologne) is stronger an (MORE)

Learning About Articles in French

Learning how to properly use articles in French is one of the most confusing aspects for some. Unlike in English, French articles must agree with the noun that they modify. So (MORE)

What does fait de complet mean?

The correct term is 'fait accompli'. It means something which is completed, usually irrevocably. "He didn't wait his parents to sell the car, but it was a fait accompli"

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13 Trucs de Cuisine Que Tout Chef Devrait Connaitre

13 Trucs de Cuisine Que Tout Chef Devrait Connaitre Utilises un bocal et un couvercle de sel pour un contenant pour sel ou sucre rapide fait a la main. Bon pour l'environnemen (MORE)

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Visiting Paris Palaces

Paris palaces are one of the many reasons why millions of tourists flock to Paris, France, every year. Some of them are well known while others are more low-key but still impr (MORE)