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Femme fait des sex avec homme?

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You stay after your performances to sign hundreds of autographs and take tons of pictures with your fans. Why is it so important to you to take the time to do that, when so many other artists don't?

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How do you translate homme de terrain?

"un homme de terrain" is used when speaking of someone who is comfortable doing practical things, and working on the field and solving problems as they arise. The opposite of (MORE)

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What is Querelle des Femmes?

  The "quarrel" was, in the sixteenth century, a literary and philosophical debate -- largely among men -- about the intellectual and amorous capabilities of women. Now th (MORE)

10 Celebrites Qui Refusent Absolument De Travailler Ensemble

Avec la reputation que Shannen Doherty est une personne extremement difficile avec qui travailler, ce n'est pas surprenant qu'Alyssa Milano refuse de travailler avec elle dans (MORE)
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13 Trucs de Cuisine Que Tout Chef Devrait Connaitre

13 Trucs de Cuisine Que Tout Chef Devrait ConnaitreUtilises un bocal et un couvercle de sel pour un contenant pour sel ou sucre rapide fait a la main.Bon pour l'environnement (MORE)

10 Records Les Plus Incroyables de la Reproduction Humaine

L'honneur d'etre le bebe le plus vieux du monde va a la fille de Beulah Hunter en 1944. Hunter etait enceinte pour 375 jours (plus d'un an) avant de donner naissance a un bebe (MORE)

Les dix couples celebres les plus troublants et surprenants

Nous avons tous eu l'experience de voir un couple ensemble a un restaurant ou dans la rue en pensant, > Vraiment ? Ces deux-la sont ensemble > La vie est pleine de couples qui (MORE)

A Taste of New Orleans: Chicken Bonne Femme

Restaurants around the world have long served Chicken Bonne Femme. Beyond France and southern Louisiana, however, it wasn't often made at home until Julia Child included the r (MORE)

Learning the Language of Romance: French Expressions of Love

If you're looking to woo your sweetheart in a way he or she won't forget, try out a few French expressions of love. French is known as one of the Romance languages, and is the (MORE)

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What is the difference between eau de toilette and pour homme?

"Pour homme" means "for men." In the classical fragrance world, "eau de toilette" (toilet water) has the lightest fragrance, "eau de cologne" (water of Cologne) is stronger a (MORE)

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What does fait de complet mean?

The correct term is 'fait accompli'. It means something which is completed, usually irrevocably. "He didn't wait his parents to sell the car, but it was a fait accompli"

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What does eau de toilette pour homme mean?

The meaning of eau de toilette pour homme means toilet water for  men in English. This phrase is often seen on cologne bottles.

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Fait de complis?

This phrase is actually derived from the French fait accompli. This  means that there is something that has been done and cannot be  undone.