Film about family reunion where kids build a boat and send off their grandfather on a burning boat?

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How do you build a boat?

you grabb some wood and put it together and make it look like aboat h

How do you make a boat that a kid can build?

Use two plastic bottles empty bottles tightly sealed to form a catamaran shape and use balsa wood as a platform. Then attach handheld fans at the back of the platform. It will

Why am I off balance after I get off a boat?

You have gotten so used to the swaying on the boat that your balance center is not used to the stillness of land again. It's like being seasick, but on land. But it should pas

Do boats burn fossil fuels?

Yes. Unless they are under sail or being paddled. However even sailing boats have an axillary engine.
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Where was the pilot for the love boat filmed?

The first pilot, The Love Boat , filmed in 1976, was aboard the Princess Cruises ship Sun Princess on a cruise to Mexico out of San Pedro, CA. The second pilot movie, Love