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First Spanish explorer who made contact with native Americans?

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Who made the first Native American dictionary?

John Smith and William Strachey compiled short dictionaries (word lists) of the Powhatan language in the period 1612 to 1624, but these lists were far from complete. A Spani

How did the Spanish treat the Native Americans?

They treated them badly and they forced them to become Roman Catholic. - They were forced to work in mines, ranches, and farms. - They had to pay taxes (encomiendas) - B

How did the native Americans treat the Spanish?

The Native Americans were not expecting the Spaniards. When the  Spaniards arrived, the Native Americans initially mistook them for  Gods. The horse had not been introduced

How did the spanish interact with the native Americans?

The Spanish actually treated the Native Americans badly. They enslaved them and then took mostly all their tools. The Spanish conquistadors were interested in sending the gold

Did the spanish and native Americans get along?

yes the spanish and native americans did get along but no for long because the spanish wanted to make the natives live the spanish life style and if they didnt do it they didn

Why did the Spanish treat the Native Americans as they did?

The Spanish were explorers during a period when there was competition in Europe for supremacy in every way: political, military, and economic. They gave little thought to othe

What did the Spanish do to the native Americans?

Way back in the late 1400's when Columbus mistakingly sailed to Central America(thinking it was Asia), he had sailed with the spanish from Spain and when they got to land and

How did the explorers help native Americans?

In the long run, explorers did little to help, and more to hurt the Native Americans. Diseases were introduced that led to decimation within Native American culture. They also