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For colonists in 1776 what were the cost and benefits of deciding to surpport the patriots fight for independence?

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Why did the colonists decide to fight the british?

their taxes increased and the king of Britain passed laws like the stamp act or the Townsend acts or the intolerable acts allowed British soldiers to live in their houses and

What are some costs and benefits of being a patriot in 1776?

Some cost are you are the foe of king geroge 3. Some benefits are you could rebel to unfair taxes. also you could be an express rider. an express rider is some1 that delivers

What delegate from Virginia encouraged colonists to fight for independence from Britain in support of the Patriot cause?

Patrick Henry was a big speaker for independence in Virginia  in the 1770's. His best remembered speech was the "Give me liberty  or give me death" speech. After the revolut

What led the colonists to fight for independence from England?

  Taxes.   I might add that the taxes the colonists were paying were quite a bit lower than the total tax burden that American citizens shoulder today. In fact, hundred