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For colonists in 1776 what were the cost and benefits of deciding to surpport the patriots fight for independence?

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Were the patriots colonists?

The Patriots were the American colonists who rebelled against the  British in the American Revolution. The American colonists who  stayed loyal to the British and were again

What are some costs and benefits of being a patriot in 1776?

Some cost are you are the foe of king geroge 3. Some benefits are you could rebel to unfair taxes. also you could be an express rider. an express rider is some1 that delivers

In 1776 What were reasons to be a patriot and not a loyalist?

1) Not having to rule under king George the 3rd 2)freedom of speech and in some colonies it was okay to have some sort of a religion 3)NO TAXES 4)no more control from Britain

Why did the french decide to help the patriots in their war for independence?

The French helped the patriots because earlier, in the French and Indian war, France and Britain were enemies and fought over the American land. When the Patriots proved thems

Why should a colonist fight for their independence?

Because those Brits came out with their outrageous taxes on everything including tea.