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What is a fungus?

  A fungus is a many-celled organism. Its body is usually a mass of may0celled, thead-like tubes called hyphae.  
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What is nutty slack?

It's a type of coal. SLACK is dusty bituminous coal residues, 'nutty slack' if it contains significant lumps. I imagine it was the cheapest thing you could get
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What year was the nutty professor filmed?

It depends on if you're referring to the Jerry Lewis original or the Eddie Murphy remake. The original Jekyll-Hyde-like comedy, which starred Lewis (who also directed, co-prod (MORE)

Why is there a lot of people in nutty river?

river is always full 1.its the cog invasion surver 2. people like to annoy others by leaving there toon on with nobody playing so zzz toons everywhere. i know how to get in:go (MORE)
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Who is t nutty?

T-nutty is a Sacramento based rapper. Comes from the garden block, same as brotha lynch hung.