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What is nutty slack?

It's a type of coal. SLACK is dusty bituminous coal residues, 'nutty slack' if it contains significant lumps. I imagine it was the cheapest thing you could get
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Why is fungus a parasite?

  It grows and lives on a host. Since the host provides the nutrients for life and the fungus grows off of that, it makes it a parasite. more info http://www.merriam-w (MORE)

What does nutty mean?

  Nutty is usually a term of mild abuse, meaning mad (that's mad as in demented, not mad as in angry) or silly.
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What is a nutty soda?

a nutty soda is a tropical drink that people in the hood of new york drank to quinch there thirst .... it only cost 50 cent per bottle
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Why was fungus named fungus?

1520s, from L. fungus, learned alternative to mushroom. (Though funge was used in this sense late 14c.). The Latin word is believed to be cognate with (or derived from) Gk. sp (MORE)

Who is lance perkins on the nutty professor?

He is the fitness guru whose character was only seen briefly as Sherman is channel-surfing when he was at home. Lance Perkins' character was first seen in Part 1, who is an ob (MORE)
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Can you get a fungus infection from touching fungus?

Typically, you cannot get a fungal infection from touching fungi. Most fungi do not cause disease in humans. However, if you come in contact with fungi that can cause human di (MORE)

Who discovered fungus?

Although known in antiquity, Pier Antonio Micheli's was the first  to study them in detail and included them in his 1729 work Nova  plantarum genera, however he still consid (MORE)

What is the plural of fungus?

Fungi is the standard plural of fungus, because the  word is Latin in origin it follows the Latin rules for plurals,  however funguses following the English rules for plural (MORE)

What year was the nutty professor filmed?

It depends on if you're referring to the Jerry Lewis original or the Eddie Murphy remake. The original Jekyll-Hyde-like comedy, which starred Lewis (who also directed, co-prod (MORE)