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What island was after Game Show Island on Poptropica?

Ghost Story Island was the next (23rd) island of Poptropica, released on January 12, 2012. *Released in the same time period as Game Show Island was the first of a series of (MORE)

What is the nickel for on Game Show Island?

Take it and go back to the left of the Factory (where you got the fan). There is a homeless guy who will give you some thermal (heat vision) goggles. Go back to the Club and u (MORE)

How do you get on the game show on Game Show Island?

There are 5 game shows on Game Show island. You fly to them at five locations around the world. To get to play each game, there is a preliminary challenge. Istanbul (Scaredy P (MORE)

How do you get on the show on Game Show Island?

When you help the robot club owner, you find that the Inventor is hiding in the attic of the Club. He will loan you his jet so that you can beat the game shows and restore the (MORE)

Where is the game show on Game Show Island?

The games shows are in 5 different cities around the world. You only go there once you have completed your tasks in the robot city, and met the scientist who created the curre (MORE)

What are the game shows on Game Show Island?

There are 5 shows, one in each of the 5 cities shown on the jet's navigation console. 1) Scaredy Pants 2) Spin For Riches 3) Kerplunk 4) Brainiacs 5) Mr. Yoshi's Super Terrif (MORE)