What is a Micro-controllers?

Answer it is a computer on a chip the basic difference between microprocessors &controllers is that processors consist of three parts ALU ,CONTROL UNIT ,REGISTERS controllers (MORE)

How do you program a micro controller?

Answer . Clarification . There are many different ways to program microcontrollers. In fact, the question can even have two meanings:. - how do you write software for a (MORE)

Why you use capacitor in micro-controller?

Capacitors can be used for many purposes - for debounce of inputs, power isolation, curcuit loading. Some microcontrollers have D/A converters, oscillators, or transmitters bu (MORE)

What are logical steps in designing a micro-controller based product?

1) Define the functions the product will perform. 2) Design the hardware that will allow the functions to be implemented. 3) Design the logic that will allow the functions (MORE)