Has any one ever died from weed?

No. It has been proven that no one can die from the intake of Marijuana. On the other hand, you can die from activities partaken in the act of being 'high'. It is averaged tha (MORE)
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Has any one hacked webkinz?

Yes, not only someone but many people have hacked webkinz. They use a cheat program called "Cheat Engine". With it you can get more money, etc. The downside is that if Ganz ca (MORE)

Was Barack Obama ever in the CIA?

No, he never worked for the CIA. Read any articles regarding this carefully, since there does not appear to be facts that back up their claims.

How can one become a CIA agent?

To become a CIA agent, a person must first obtain a bachelor's degree in homeland security, computer forensics, or another criminal justice program. A person must also have a (MORE)

Have any CIA agents ever been murdered in revenge for South American dictatorships?

It is unlikely that this has occurred, because the CIA has listedaround 127 casualties from all of its missions and if there weresuch revenge killings, that number would likel (MORE)