Does everyone who wants to adopt a child have to go through a home study?

Home Study for Adoptions . Generally, yes, except in some cases of kin/relative adoption or a step-parent adoption. In these cases a homestudy MAY be waived. Aside from the (MORE)

Has WikiAnswers ever failed anyone?

ANSWER: Absolutely. With the concept of an 'anyone post, anyone answer and anyone edit' website, you are going to come across answers that are not 100% correct. This site is (MORE)
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Did anyone ever work at home for Lars Tetens?

I worked as a maid for a few years for Lars Tetens. He paid me really well and he used to let me and the other maid eat dinner with him like we were part of his family. I don' (MORE)

Will anyone ever commit to a woman who has three failed marriages?

The woman herself has to take time out to find out what she is about even if it means going to a psychologist to get to the bottom of her problems. One or possibly two failed (MORE)