Has anyone ever heard of Strolatt Company?

I received an e-mail stating they had seen my resume on an employment site, and then offering an outrageous salary for a position similar to what I'm qualified for. My reply (MORE)
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Has anyone ever heard of Jake rowland?

he is this kid at my school :) noel baker he is a famous scientist he has discovered loads im Jake Rowland NO WAY THE REAL JAKE ROWLAND!? yep the real one

Has anyone ever heard of Occasionography?

Yes I've heard of it and NO I don't recommend it. The products are lovely, the software is great, but it is all expensive...more expensive than it needs to be. You could do wr (MORE)
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Has anyone ever heard of enchilada cheeto's?

I have not heard of enchilada Cheetos. The Cheetos company has made a few flavors like FlamminÕ Hot and Spicy but I have not seen enchiladas flavor. You can contact the Che (MORE)