Has anyone heard of Loan Point USA?

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Has anyone heard about the David Card?

One of my best friends just started working for the charity behind it. I think it's a genius idea. Basically its this card parents buy for their kids and if they ever have too

Has anyone heard of Oceanview Investment?

You should check out Mortgage Grapevine and rip off report, plus you should check with your BBB. I would not send them a dime!. ---. Contact HUD for approved foreclosure cou

Has anyone heard of worldwide loan consulting they are on the BBB website but i have never dealt with them before. i have bad credit and i was approved for a 5000 loan-any advice?

I was contacted by this company a few weeks ago. A "Penny Fisher" said I qualified for a $20,000 loan thru a private lender. I was required to send in a $1220 deposit for a su

Has anyone heard of worldwide loan consulting the company is on the BBB website but i am unsure if i should go through with my loan. i have bad credit but was approved for a 5000 loan?

They are a scam, do not send them any money. I went through them got approved for 7500, sent my insurance deposit and never received my loan and never received my deposit back

Has anyone heard of club gecko?

club gecko won nationals last year in abbotsford bc in a volleyball tournament. they are really good and have great players on that team. my friends daughter plays on that tea

Has anyone ever heard of Occasionography?

Yes I've heard of it and NO I don't recommend it. The products are lovely, the software is great, but it is all expensive...more expensive than it needs to be. You could do wr

Has anyone heard of Whitebird Oklahoma?

Whitebird, Oklahoma, Was West of Cardin, Oklahoma approx. onemile, Was a booming town when Lead & Zinc mines were operating,had many Homes, a Hardware Store a Grocery Store a

Has anyone heard of Ashbery university?

Fake website, fraudsters. The university publishes no physical address. It claims accreditation with an agency that also has no physical address, does not publish the names