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What is the name of the song heard in the psych commercials on the USA network?

\n. \n USA Network Commercial Song \n. \n. \nviolent femmes - blister in the sun \nThanks people but I found it

Has anyone heard of the pursuit club?

Answer . Yes. I have heard of The Pursuit Club. In my interest, I noted down their URL from some magazine advertising/PR they were doing. www.thepursuitclub.co.uk. Unfortunately, the URL does not return a web page. Nor can I find them on a Google search.

What is the highest point in USA?

The highest point in the United States of America is Mount Mckinley , located in Alaska. It is 20,321 feet high.

Has anyone heard of SoccerFlow.com?

Answer . Yeah, I just checked it out. It's pretty cool. Its looks to be a social network sort of like my space but for soccer. The home page says you can post videos, view videos, upload videos, connect with soccer friends, and soccer forums. I like it, I'm joining.

Has anyone heard of NLT?

Yes. It's an awesome (boyband) group containing boys named: . -Joseph "JJ" Thorne. -Kevin McHale. -Travis Garland. -"V" Sevani

Has anyone heard of the University of Atlanta?

The University of Atlanta is Awesome!! They are a great online school offering bachelors and masters programs. The courses are great, I would recommend it as one of the better online universities. Check them out at the link below. If a box comes up asking for your user name and password, click Cancel.. Best Online University!! Got my business degree there and got a great job.. I'm in Dubai. We don't have good online schools. I love UOFA. University of Atlanta Rocks!

Most southern point in USA?

Key West, FL has the most southern point in the continental US but the most southern point in the US is located in Hawaii on the big island. The town is called Ka Lae. Rose Atoll, American Samoa is the southern most point in the US

Has anyone heard about the David Card?

One of my best friends just started working for the charity behind it. I think it's a genius idea. Basically its this card parents buy for their kids and if they ever have too much to drink, they just call a number on the back of the card and wherever they are, their operators get them a free cab ride home. When I was in college one of my girlfriends tried to drive home after she'd had too many and because of this she got a DUI and it cost her $10,000!!!!!! I now live in Connecticut but when it gets here I'm buying two for each of my kids. -Kathy

Has anyone heard of a Kangaroo Kitchen?

Yes I have one. It's been in my family since the 70's my father bought it at J.C. penny's i think. If you're looking for one try e bay.

Has anyone heard of Ohio Valley shotguns?

yes ,i have a shotgun stamped ohio valley.it also has a serial no on it.

Anyone heard of the master touch franchise?

The Master's Touch is a franchise like entity that sells a business system for cleaning hard surfaces such as tile flooring, concrete, brick, etc. Go to www.themasterstouch.net I am still investigating the financial obligations and startup costs.

What is the usa lowest point of elevation?

The United States's lowest point of elevation is Death Valley, California at -282 feet (-86 meters).

Has anyone heard of Oceanview Investment?

You should check out Mortgage Grapevine and rip off report, plus you should check with your BBB. I would not send them a dime!. ---. Contact HUD for approved foreclosure counseling agencies. Ocean View will try to talk you into giving them money [big $$$ usually at or in excess of $900] to provide [or not] for a service that you can get for FREE. When talking to HUD, they said that if you are talking to any ´foreclosure avoidance specialist´ that asks for money, "Run!" [their EXACT advice - no joke!] Don´t wait - reach out - go to: http://www.hud.gov/foreclosure/index.cfm http://www.hopenow.com/

Has anyone heard of Postatrax?

Postatrax is a herbal remedy for eyelid ptosis (an abnormally low position (drooping) of the upper eyelid).

Has anyone heard of FEMAtoday Any input?

\n. \n. \nI am a client of FEMA Today. They are very helpful and knowledgeable.

Has anyone heard of Money Management International?

Yes. And I think I know why you posted this question. Googling this company yields a flood of useless hits, almost all of which are traceable to the company itself. Finding independent information on them is difficult. I just discovered this myself yesterday when I had reason to become curious about their business practices. A new Wikipedia entry has since been created, and is under development by myself and others. You can find it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Money_management_international There are a few notable points to keep in mind: 1. MMI can offer legitimate services to help resolve debt issues. But the company receives significant funding from credit card issuers and mortgage issuers themselves . In fact the company was originally created by card issuers. While it does help consumers, it does it in a way that satisfies the interests of these creditors. Notably, MMI Debt Management Plans may be recommended for consumers who would in fact be better served declaring bankruptcy. Card issuers don't want you to declare bankruptcy. They'd rather work things out. 2. A Debt Management Plan, should you choose one, will affect your credit record. The effects in some cases will last exactly as long as a bankruptcy. 3. In short: consider bankruptcy, if your problems are serious. And don't just rely on MMI's advice when you make your decision. 4. MMI charges fees to consumers for Debt Management Plans. These fees are voluntary . But they may not tell you that. MMI is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization that must provide charitable services. However, the company in the past has misled consumers into believing they had no choice but to pay the voluntary fees. 5. You can find a useful story on the voluntary fee issue here: http://www.khou.com/news/defenders/investigate/stories/khou051130_cd_defenders.2bca7013.html 6. MMI's membership in the Better Business Bureau of Houston, TX (where the company is based) was revoked. The BBB asserted that MMI provided inaccurate, false or misleading information to consumers. You can find the BBB's revocation letter here (it's a PDF file): http://www.khou.com/images/0603/bbb_mmi.pdf 7. When your credit problems are serious, you may need help. If you are skeptical of MMI's intentions you should try finding help elsewhere. Options include bankruptcy attorneys and counseling from legitimate accounting firms. All firms offering debt consolidation and Debt Management Plans should be regarded with skepticism, even MMI and Consumer Credit Counseling Services and others that have the approval of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. The NFCC was also created by card issuers. 8. Good luck.

Why hasn't anyone heard the Big Bang?

They have. We can still detect microwave radiation left over fromthe Big Bang. While there is no actual "sound" from it anymore,since most of space is devoid of any medium with which to carrysound, we can still "hear" it with scientific instruments.

Has anyone heard of worldwide loan consulting they are on the BBB website but i have never dealt with them before. i have bad credit and i was approved for a 5000 loan-any advice?

I was contacted by this company a few weeks ago. A "Penny Fisher" said I qualified for a $20,000 loan thru a private lender. I was required to send in a $1220 deposit for a supposed "insurance policy". I sent my money on 10/31 by Western Union to my supposed lender...an Elizabeth Fiqueroa in Ontario Canada. I was then promised that "everything went thru ok" and I could expect my loan to be deposited into my account by mid afternoon on Saturday. When it didn't post, I didn't think much of it as my bank doesn't post over the weekend. This morning I get up to find again that it has not posted and my bank confirms no money has been received. So I call WorldWide Loan Consulting and speak to Penny Fisher who says she promised by 6pm this evening and to call her back at noon. I tried until 4pm and left several messages before she finally answered. She then states "after further review of your credit, your lender has requested an additional deposit because you are high risk". I told her I no longer care about the $20k and just want my $1220 sent back to me via Western Union. She says they can't do that, that there's a 30 day return policy and it could take up to 6 weeks afterwards. She said my money is "tied up in an FDIC account" and is not in the possession of my lender, although I had called Western Union earlier and they told me it hadn't been picked up till 730am this morning. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM AND I WANT TO WARN ALL POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS NOT TO DO BUSINESS. I HAVE EVEN CONTACTED TO FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION WHO SAID THERE IS NO WAY TO GET MY MONEY BACK BECAUSE OF SENDING IT WESTERN UNION TO AN INDIVIDUAL PERSON. This Penny Fisher even had the nerve to tell me I'm "welcome to visit them in New Jersey, but it won't get my money back." CONSUMERS BEWARE!!! IF YOU'VE ALREADY HAD PROBLEMS WITH THIS COMPANY CONTACT THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES AND FILE A COMPLAINT IMMEDIATELY!. Federal Trade Commision: 1-877-FTC-HELP. Better Business Bureau of New Jersey: 609-588-0808. Consumer Protection Agency: 800-382-5516

Has anyone heard of worldwide loan consulting the company is on the BBB website but i am unsure if i should go through with my loan. i have bad credit but was approved for a 5000 loan?

They are a scam, do not send them any money. I went through them got approved for 7500, sent my insurance deposit and never received my loan and never received my deposit back, even though I was told I would. Tell your consultant you know they are a scam. The BBB would not take my complaint because the address was no good. It is a run down apartment building. Hope this helps, I want to get the word out to shut them down.

Has anyone heard of a Modoc shotgun?

I have one I am tring to find information on. Nothing out there? The one I have is a 12 gauge with what I guess you would call a folding breech plug and a firing pin on it that is fired by pulling back a hammer that looks like the old flintlock hammer.... It has B336 branded into the stock?? What the heck?

Has anyone heard of jakle195?

yes, i am jakle195 im everywhere im not the best at runescape but i try. join my freinds list i will be on every weekend and sometimes in the week.

Where is the lowest point in USA?

The lowest point in the United States of America is Death Valley, California . It is 282 feet below sea level at its lowest point.

Has anyone heard of an allergy to sperm?

Yes, it is possible. The woman would reject the mans sperm and would be very unlikely to be able to become pregnant. She may also show normal allergic responses such as a rash.

Anyone heard of Charlie Potter?

No, but there is a charlie weasly in the Harry potter series, but that's it.

Has anyone heard about Google Bizkit?

Google Bizkit is a scam. I recently fell victum to this scam and you can read about it in detail on my blog:. http://rressler.blogspot.com/2009/06/consumer-alert-google-bizkit.html

Has anyone heard of cak?

Yes! Of Course! Cak is a awsome webshow! Unfortunately the Cak webshow is not working due to circuit power. Cak is a funny webshow for kids and young teens. It stars Abby ( thinks she is fab), Kaylee (athletic & smart) and Claire (Weird and Goth) .

Has anyone ever heard every joke there is to be heard?

no because someone could make up a joke and kep it to himself so the the other guy wont know ythat joke therefore rendering the situation of the man knowing all jokes impossible.

If anyone has heard of SALAJEET?

Salajeet is a mineral which can fond in the Mountains of Pakistan, Chilas and Gilgit, , it also helps in sexual power if its in pure form.....you can find more details of salajeet on http://ganish.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/530808

Has anyone heard Gods voice?

Yes i have heard God's voice..a few times..it's difficult to explain but it;s like you ask a question in your heart and know the answer is totally for you and to you.. as it speaks straight to your spirit or soul.

Has anyone heard of Havefunteaching.co.uk or English International?

Yes, many people, teachers who have worked in china for them, keep commenting on forums like this to let people know this is a scam, how they bully people, threaten with the Chinese mafia. the list is endless to horror stories. You will be working illegally. a lonly planet forum which revealed the truths of the people who run this company has been closed down as their office in leeds complains and threatens the sites managers with legal action. Do not work for them. you will regret it without doubt. The british and Chinese embassy are on the case also/. alex

Has anyone heard of club gecko?

club gecko won nationals last year in abbotsford bc in a volleyball tournament. they are really good and have great players on that team. my friends daughter plays on that team and they're no sign ups or try outs. you have to be invited to be on that team and i was like shoot dang it. i really wanted to join it

Has anyone ever heard of Occasionography?

Yes I've heard of it and NO I don't recommend it. The products are lovely, the software is great, but it is all expensive...more expensive than it needs to be. You could do wrapper designs without Occsionography, with the printer you have, and probably with software that's already on your computer. The customer service is horrible, unless you're calling and telling them you want to spend more money on their products. If you're calling with a question or a complaint, expect rudeness--and no answers. If you want to be a consultant/have your own business . . . please look elsewhere!

Has anyone heard of this song about Canada?

The chorus is Canada! -low voice- Canada! -high voice- Then it is repeated for a while. Then more lyrics. Then repeat chorus.

Has anyone heard the song this is real this is you?

yes i have .it is a realy good song .it is done in the movie camp rock by demi lovato

Has anyone heard of www.drivingpay.org and are they trustworthy?

It is a scam don't touch it if ever not sure google them and you will find out all you need to know at the same time if it sounds to good it is

When did USA repay Britain for war loans?

Actually, it lwas the other way round. Britain recently paid back the war loans from the USA in December 2006

Has anyone heard of Whitebird Oklahoma?

Whitebird, Oklahoma, Was West of Cardin, Oklahoma approx. onemile, Was a booming town when Lead & Zinc mines were operating,had many Homes, a Hardware Store a Grocery Store a two roomSchool

Has anyone heard of ASCO?

A.S.C.O stands for Anonymous Secret Complementing Organization! It currently runs in New Zealand. It is basically a organization (completely secretive) that sends kind "letters" to certain pupils in classrooms. All subjects in it are positive, so it isn't considered a nuisance to the general public. There was once Wikipedia page on it, however they considered it a "hoax" so it was removed. No one knows who writes them or how many people are in this "organization" Oaten Oaten is thought to be the first name of ASCO, although it has no significant acronym. It was suggested that the Co-Creators last name was Oaten, however that has never been proven. Some letters have briefly mentioned Oaten, however it has had nothing to do with the context at that point. Because of that, not much is known about the mysterious name, or if it has any significance to the "SECRET", which is ANOTHER unknown part of A.S.C.O. Another theory of Oaten is that it is a cover up of the SECRET. It may be related to Kaleb Oaten, a person mentioned in some of the letters. If the theory of the SECRET is correct, it may stand for the horrible unkindness, or perhaps a sub organisation, the opposite of A.S.C.O, leaving unkind letters instead of kind ones, or the unkind part of the world. However this is not likely as kind people are often compared to Kaleb Oaten, if Kaleb has any relevance to Oaten, it would not be an EVIL organization, which rules out the SECRET being a sub organisation, unless it was once too a smiliar A.S.C.O. (This is possible as some letters talk of A.S.C.O being "undermined." Usually two people a day receive letters, however it is a mystery how they actually get there, since most recipients deny seeing ANYTHING! So, what do you think?

Has anyone heard of darlingyou website?

Hi yeah they used to sell on eBay and now have a site. The change the designer goods once a month though but are great at getting discounts!

Has anyone heard of the research drug MDMX?

yes, It usually comes as a white powder in a gel capsule. It's similar to MDMA or ecstacy.

What is the average interest on a USA credit loan?

The average interest on a credit card in the USA is around 20 percent. Depending on how good your credit score is, you will get a better or worse interest rate. If you have very high interest rates but continue to pay your credit card on time the company may lower your interest rate.

Has anyone heard of Erickson's Disease?

Yes, it is a condition in which the anus can no longer fully close, rendering a person incapable of retaining gas. Source: How to Live with a Huge Penis, ISBN: 9781594743061

Has anyone heard of Fanable Media?

Fanable Media in San Diego? I heard they are a scam. I have met a few people who worked there and they told me they never got paid.

Has anyone heard of aarhus invest ltd?

I truly believe it is a scam. It sounds like one of those money scams, where you have to go pick up money from a western union then send it back out to some other country. Eventually, they will ask for your bank account information. That is so they can pay you and send the money transfer to your account. When you pull out the money from the account to distribute it to where it needs to go. they will turn around and withdraw the amount sent to you take back the money out of your account, leaving it sitting in the negative for thousands of dollars. And the company will seem it never was established. Message board that they set up for you will be gone and you will not be able to contact anyone. So please DO NOT mess with this if you want to keep your sanity.

Has anyone heard of Ashbery university?

Fake website, fraudsters. The university publishes no physical address. It claims accreditation with an agency that also has no physical address, does not publish the names of its senior staff and directors and is in fact not recognized by any traditional academic establishments. The university web site does not publish the names of any of its senior staff or academic leaders. It is very likely that the online courses will result in a certificate. Before investing time or money into this university, it is worth inquiring with your local higher education bodies if an Ashbery qualification is of any value.

Has anyone heard of 'The Provoked Wife?

yes but I am very old and I doubt anyone else alive will have done. I would not recommend it. If you are studying it for A-Level - Good Luck (you will need it.)

Has anyone heard of Vital Investment Solutions?

Yes, I have heard of Vital Investment Solutions, and was briefly employed as a contractor (Virtual Administrative Assistant). I highly recommend that you do not consider this company for employment. Although, the hours and base compensation is good with the potential of additional income through commission, it appears to be a scam. They are requiring you to perform fraudulent activity using your personal bank account, and sending wire transfers to US/International customers. All which was not initiall discussed. However, their claim is this is part of the probation period (30 days), and after that time, you will be assisting investors/partners with on-line investment company's i.e., Etrade, etc. This is only another scam used by greedy, unethical businesses/people that are commonly known worldwide.

In which state of the USA is Point Mugu?

Point Mugu is located in the state of California. It is where Point Mugu State Park is located, which has over seventy miles of hiking trails as well as five miles of shoreline.

Have Anyone heard about ceretproperty.com?

Ceretproperty.com is a website set up in France. The specialize in sales and long term rentals. You can check by the size of the property and other factors

What are the interest rates on a USA payday loan?

The interest rates on USA payday loans are usually around 15% interest every two weeks. If you are looking for this measure in APR, it comes out to an APR of around 390%.