Why Can't I Insert Camera Memory Card?

Answer . Well we are going to need more info what kind of camera is it what is its model number what kind of memory dose it use but here are a few things you can try make (MORE)
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Memory card error how do you fix it my sandisk sdhc card?

tengo una tarjeta sdhc sandisk de 32 gb de calidad 10 y no me funciona. En la cámara de video SONY X1 me pone el siguiente dialogo: the tarjet wil be repaird. Intento forma (MORE)

Can you insert a SD card into your PC?

Yes, if your computer has a SD slot to put into the SD card. If not, then you could buy a simple adapter that connects through a USB and then you can connect your SD card. I b (MORE)

How do you insert a memory card into a laptop?

Open the disk tray. Pull the disk tray out of the track - it will seem as if it won't come out, but just pull firmly and it will slide out. If it's not coming, apply some down (MORE)