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What is a home page?

  Homepage   A home page is the website you choose to see everytime you open Internet Explorer and is the website that will appear each time you click the house on th (MORE)

How do you make Google your home page?

Go to the Google homepage. At the bottom, it will say make google my home page. Then just click it and it should work. Or, you can go up to "tools" on the menu bar, press op (MORE)

How do you get to your home page?

It varies between websites. On, you can click on the logo at the top. Other websites may have "back to homepage" hyperlinks anywhere on the page.
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Can you get to the home page?

Try loading your computer into Safe Mode with Networking, if you are still having troubles with the virus redirecting you. Try downloading firefox to a usb flash drive and run (MORE)

What home pages are there?

  The "home page" of a web browser can be set to virtually any URL. There are millions and millions of pages on the internet, any of which could be set as a home page.
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