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How do you remove link2india from home page?

Well I had the same problem. It is simple if you follow the step. Right click on the shortcut that is present on you desktop(the icon that you  normally double click to start (MORE)

How do you add xfinity on home page?

Click the gear icon and select internet options from the drop down  menu. Then type the homepage of xfinity in the home page text box.  After that, click the Apply or OK but (MORE)

What is a home page?

  Homepage   A home page is the website you choose to see everytime you open Internet Explorer and is the website that will appear each time you click the house on th (MORE)

Why Google does not advertise on its home page?

  Google's primary business is web search. If you think its not advertising on its home page you are mistaken. For Google India we see links like Images, orkut, groups, (MORE)
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What is browser's home page?

The page to which the browser opens when it is started up. This page may be set/determined by the user.
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How is a home page generally saved?

A web browser home page is saved on the local computer. The exact location is determined by the software browser that is being used, but can generally be found in either the r (MORE)

What is a home page in Internet Explorer?

The home page for Internet Explorer (or opera or firefox or chrome) or any web browser is the default page designated to be displayed when going to a web site without specifyi (MORE)

How do i make my home page?

Depends on your Browser and you can also choose options like make  this your homepage but you can follow these steps on Chrome in my  Case i Want to make my ho (MORE)