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Can you remove a home page?

Yes you can always remove the homepage but than people coming on your website will see nothing. You can also do one thing that is to remove homepage and than add some (MORE)

What is the difference between a master page and a home page?

A master page is one that provides an automatic layout and other  graphic elements. A home page is simply a landing page that comes  up when you open a certain program.
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How do you make Yahoo your home page?

You just have to go to Yahoo and then you put create an account and then they collect all your information and then you have your homepage as Yahoo. If you already have an a (MORE)

How do you change your home page on safari?

At the top of the screen go to: Edit.  In the edit menu go to: Preferences In the window that pops up go to the tab at the top that says: general. The fifth option should say (MORE)

What to write on your home page to introduce the website?

  Exactly that, to introduce it! You know, there are so many ways you could go about this, but it really comes down to what function you want the introduction to serve f (MORE)

How do you change a home page?

I'm assuming that you have Internet Explorer on Windows 7. On your internet browser, on the top, you should see a menu where it has File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, Help If (MORE)

How is home page different from other webpages?

Index/Home Page   A Home Page is a web page. The difference is the Home Page is the center of the web and should link to all other web pages. A center, a point of origin (MORE)

How do make you googal home page?

You can change any webpage as your homepage. You can go to the  settings and find the place to change your default home page to  Google.
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