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What is the homophone for DESERT meaning abandon?

Dessert is a homophone for desert, when "desert" means to abandon.  The other homograph of "desert," meaning a dry place, doesn't have  a homophone.

10 examples of homophones with meanings?

yes i wanted 10 homophones with the meaning and difference.

5 pairs of homophones with meaning?


What homophone means to burn with sudden flame?

A word that means to burn with sudden flame is flare. The homophone  for flare is flair. Sear can also mean to burn with a sudden flame,  and its homophone is sere.

What are some examples of homophones with meaning?

night/knight - night is the opposite of day/a knight is military person from middle ages ate / eight - ate is the past tense of eat/eight is the number 8 fair/ fare - a fair
In Music

What does homophonic mean in music?

Same sounds and same rhythm but different notes, melody and accompaniment.