Can wireless headphones be used with a television that has no headphone jack?

That depends on whether or not the TV has audio output connectors on it. They're usually what's called an 'RCA' connector. Right channel will be red, left channel is white and (MORE)

Why won't my wireless headphones used with TV work unless I have my hand on the transmitter?

The human body can radiate radio frequencies very effectively. Many people can double the range of their car's central locking system by holding the remote to their skull. Per (MORE)

Can you hook up two wireless headphones to a tv?

Yes, you can. Assuming both are same the brand or compatible, you can plug in one unit into RCA jack of your TV receiver. Both headsets should get the sound. Use the other bas (MORE)

Can you get wireless headphones for TV?

Yes, you can purchase wireless headphone for your television. They're sold at local department and electronic stores or online (you can find a slew of them by searching simply (MORE)

How can I connect wireless headphones to a Samsung HDTV TV?

It may not be easy. My assumption is that you want to listen to the TV withoutdisturbing others in the room. This requires that your headphoneconnection should either cut off (MORE)