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How Compare different kinds of projected and non projected aids?

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Different kinds of project?

There are 2 types of project: 1. Project on the basis of resources committed, which includes: i. New investment for a new production ii. New investment for an existing prod

What are the different kinds of map projection?

There are many different kinds of map projections. The projections  consist of equirectangular, Mercator, Gauss-Kruger, Gall  stereographic, Miller, Lambert cylindrical equa

What is the difference between project and non project work?

  A non-project is not defined as a once-off or non-repeated set of activities, and thus usually does not have a time restraint on the set of specific deliverables. A non-

Difference between project work and non project work?

Project work is all the work and only the work which is in the scope statement/ SOW. A (SOW) is a formal document that captures and defines the work activities, deliverables a

Differences between a project work and a non-project work?

Any work done by the project team to accomplish any of the project goals is termed project work. For ex: creating a new screen that displays some information to users. Any wo
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What is the difference in non turnkey and turnkey project?

Non-turnkey and turnkey projects are the opposite of each other.  Turnkey projects are those that contract a firm to fully design,  construct and equip a project and then tu