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How Fast Can a Capuchin monkeys go?

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How much do capuchin monkeys cost?

The 'going rate' right now is from $5500 to $8500 for a baby. Buying an older on is cheaper but if you don't have any experience with adults it is a bad idea, especially if th

What Food Do Capuchin Monkey Eat?

kiwis  fresh fruit like mango, apple, and bannana  fresh cooked vegetables likcauliflower, carrots, corn and turnip  sweet potatoes  nuts and seeds  hard boiled eggsinsec

Do capuchin monkeys go to the vet?

Yes, just like human babies it is a good idea to get their baby vaccines: polio, measles, mumps. etc. It is also a good idea to get bloodwork done so that your vet has somethi
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What is the capuchin monkeys?

The Golden-bellied Capuchin (Cebus xanthosternos), also known as the Yellow-breasted or Buffy-headed Capuchin, is one of several http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Species of http:/
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Do capuchin monkeys hurt people?

Capuchin monkeys do have the power and force to hurt someone, but the most probable they will not; they are nice animals. They will probably only hurt you, if you do something