How Jefferson ideas on government differed from federalist ideas?

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Jefferson wanted to make the government more democratic, less favoring people. he wanted everyone to have equal/ the same rights. Jefferson disagreed with the federalists who wanted the government to be based on only the wealthy people.
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How did Hobbes and Locke differ in their ideas about government?

Hobbes had the ideas from the English Civil War that all humans were naturally selfish and wicked. Without governments keeping order, Hobbes said there would be "war of every

What was the main difference between the ideas of Hamilton and Jefferson?

Basically, Jefferson reasoned that whatever isn't written specifically in the Constitution is forbidden; if something isn't described in the original document, it is illegal.

Who did Jefferson get ideas from?

The single philosopher who most influenced Thomas Jefferson was John Locke. But Jefferson was a well read man for his time, and doubtlessly was influenced by many other people

What ideas about government separated the federalist and the anti federalist?

During the debates over the adoption of the new Constitution, the delegates divided into two camps; the Federalists, who favored a strong central government, and the Anti-Fede