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How often should replace your kitchen sponge?

You should replace it as often as you can. But as a limit, do not keep a sponge for more than a month. I do not see myself using a couple of sponges a week, so what I personal (MORE)
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How often should you replace carpet?

Depending on the wear, tear, your carpet cleaning methods, and it's warranty, carpet should last aproximately 5 to 7 years.
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How often should brakes be replaced?

that depends on how often you drive. best way to determine if brakes need changing, is to look at brake fluid resevoir. if level is low, your linings are worn and either need (MORE)

How often should you replace a roof?

    Answer 1     How often you should replace a roof depends on the type of roof.     According to, estimates based on different type (MORE)
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How often should you replace your retainer?

You should ask your dentist. You shouldn't need to replace your retainer at all unless it hurts, doesn't fit for some reason, or your orthodontist says to.
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How often should a car battery be replaced?

If you question the condition of your vehicles battery, drive to your local auto parts store and they can test the battery and the charging system of the vehicle for you at no (MORE)