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How are amoeba and euglena alike?

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What is the difference in paramecium euglena and amoeba?

Euglena, Paramecium and Amoeba are all monocellular organisms. The major difference lies in their mode locomotion. The amoeba moves with the help of its pseudopodia, that are

Where could I find paramecium Euglena and Amoeba?

It should be fairly easy to find paramecia in freshwater ponds, and basically any other mass of fresh water, especialy those with lots of water plants in them, Euglena is just

In what ways are amoeba different then paramecium and euglena?

The most obvious difference between an amoeba and a paramecium or euglena is that the amoeba has no overall shape, and the entire cell changes its shape as the amoeba moves. T