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How are emperor penguins protected?

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Are Emperor Penguins the largest penguin?

Yes. The Emperor penguin is the largest penguin, with a height of 100-130cm.

Does the emperor penguin migrate?

Yes, emperor penguins do migrate. If fact, they migrate on ice for over 1 mile, all in a line, either waddling or sliding on their bellies.

Why are penguins called Emperor penguins?

Well there are different kinds of penguins , just like dogs and emperor is just one of the types. There are rockhopper penguins macaroni penguins and others. If the question i

Are king penguins and emperor penguins the same?

No they are slightly different because Emperor penguins are slightly bigger and the King penguins are, well... smaller but only slightly and better ! The chicks of the two ani