How are the US and Canada connected to other countries through trade?

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A connection other than trade does Canada with other countries?

There are connections such as ; peacekeeping and army, sport exchanges, famous canadians, cultural exchanges and organizations (Global Connections Canada) The three main types

Why does Canada trade with other countries?

Canada trades with other countries because it makes good economic sense to do so. Things Canada sells create jobs in Canada and bring in foreign income that stabilizes the Can

What other Countries do the US trade with?

The U.S. trades with many countries. But the biggest would be China, they make most of our products. Actually, the largest trading partner of the US is Canada. While many pro

How does Canada connect with other countries?

If you're referring to communications, Canada has a highly developed data, audio and video communication infrastrucure that uses a combination of hard wired; micro-wave and sa
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Why can't you use different money from other countries in Canada?

You sure can, but because the value of all international currencies changes daily, you have to exchange it into Canadian currency at a local bank branch or a currency exchange