How are the US and Canada connected to other countries through trade?

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What countries does Canada Trade with?

Alot of them? examples are china and Italy. but Canada trades with a bunch of countries all over the world. Canada's biggest trading partner is the United States of America.

A connection other than trade does Canada with other countries?

There are connections such as ; peacekeeping and army, sport exchanges, famous canadians, cultural exchanges and organizations (Global Connections Canada) The three main types of connections Canada and canadians have with other countries are Economis links, Cultural links, and diplomatic connections (MORE)

What does Canada trade with US?

Canada sells lumber and energy products to the United States eachyear. In 2012, over $300 million of goods were sold from Canadainto the United States.

Why do you trade with other countries?

we trade with other countries to get goods that we dont have in our country, to keep contact and to make friends with the other countries foe situations in the future

Why does Canada trade with other countries?

Canada trades with other countries because it makes good economic sense to do so. Things Canada sells create jobs in Canada and bring in foreign income that stabilizes the Canadian currency. Things Canada buys from other countries are those things that can't be economically produced in Canada, makin (MORE)

How is Canada connected to the world through technology?

Canada is connected throught the world through technologies, for several reasons. One reason, is that countries trade technologies, and may work together to develop, sell, or advertise a sirtin technology. Also, one technology may affect several areas of the world.

What are two countries Canada trade with?

Canada trades with many, many countries. Two examples are the united kingdom and japan, another two examples (if your looking for a bonus) would be china and the united states

What other Countries do the US trade with?

The U.S. trades with many countries. But the biggest would be China, they make most of our products. Actually, the largest trading partner of the US is Canada. While many products sold in Wal-Mart might come from China, but the trade in terms of dollar amount is the highest across the US-Canadian b (MORE)

How is France connected to other countries?

France is connected to other countries because it has an upper house and a lower house like Australia. Like America it has an elected president. WTF? that doesent tell me anything!!!

How does Canada connect with other countries?

If you're referring to communications, Canada has a highly developed data, audio and video communication infrastrucure that uses a combination of hard wired; micro-wave and satellite technologies.. If you are referring to travel; Canada has a good road network which leads directly to all major US r (MORE)

What do the US and Canada trade?

Canada and the usa trade things like metal, steel, car parts, cars, paper, gas, wood, electronics, glass, machinery, optical equipment, appliances and more! hope this helps! sl Among other things, Canada provides the US with oil, natural gas, electricity, seafood specifically tuna and salmon (MORE)

What countries do Canada trade diamonds with?

Canada trades with many countries, but its biggest trading partner is the U.S.. Others include: China United Kingdom Japan Mexico Germany Netherlands South Korea Vietnam France Algeria Norway

How does Canada connect to the world through food?

Through Exports, Research and Imports. Exports are over $20 Billion a year, Imports over $13 Billion a year. About half our exports are to the USA but others include Japan, Europe, China, Mexico, India, Russia and the Middle East.

What US state is connected to Canada?

The States that are touching the Canadian/American boarder are Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

Why can't you use different money from other countries in Canada?

You sure can, but because the value of all international currencies changes daily, you have to exchange it into Canadian currency at a local bank branch or a currency exchange agency at an airport. Shopkeepers and businesspeople don't want to bother trying to keep track of international exchange ra (MORE)

How is Canada connected to the world through religion?

Canada is like the USA when it comes to religion; major religions were started here, and the country has been known to take in people from all around the world, bringing in religions from everywhere. The country has a large amount of Christians because the country was founded by them, but there are (MORE)

What are the trades of US Canada and Mexico?

In general terms: . Canada: manufactured goods, industrial machinery, agricultural products and some fuels such as crude petroleum and natural gas. . United States: capital goods, industrial supplies, consumer goods, agricultural products. . Mexico: manufactured goods, oil and oil products, raw (MORE)

What countries does Canada not trade with?

Canada trades with every country on earth and is open to interplanetary trade as well. Some countries do not show up on our reports because the trade is too small or too long ago but that doesn't mean we wouldn't sell them our resources if they wanted, and in some cases we would just give them away (MORE)

Why does Canada trade with US the most?

Canada's only land border is with the US, so it's much easier to transport goods to and from the US than to and from any other country. The US's large, rich economy is a natural customer for Canada's resource wealth.

Why countries trade with Canada?

We have resources the world needs and we sell them cheap. For example we are one of the few countries that sell raw logs and our Alberta oil sells for 30% below world price. Buy Canadian, rare resources, cheap, every day. We will even let foreign governments buy our resource companies and very few o (MORE)

Does the US trade more with Canada?

maybe. I can honestly say that it won't possibly definitely will be. It might be but I'm not sure. If it is, I don't know. If its not, then it could be true. It is false however that it isn't true. Which means it is correcly false. This might probably be incorrect however. Does that answer your ques (MORE)

Why does Canada trade with the US and Mexico?

Every nation on Earth engages in international commerce, because no single nation produces everything that it either needs or wants for its own consumption. To be able to pay for imports, it is necessary to also have exports which bring in foreign exchange currency. Canada, for example, imports oran (MORE)