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How are the costs of using renewable resources to the costs of using nonrenewable resources similar?

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Is metal a nonrenewable resource or a renewable resource?

Metal, like iron, steel and aluminum is a non-renewable resource because it take millions of years to be produced and the world doesn't have an endless supply. The world will

Is polyester a renewable resource or a nonrenewable resource?

Polyester is a non-renewable resource.   Polyester is made from plastics, plastic is made from oil. Oil is a non-renewable resource, as the world is running out of oil alre

What do renewable resources and nonrenewable resources have in common?

Non-renewable resources are things that can only be used once, like coal, oil and natural gas, (because it will take millions of years for them to be produced again). When the

Is vinyl a renewable resource or a nonrenewable resource?

Answer: It depends on what raw materials you start from. Right now it's non-renewable (made from petroleum) but it could be renewable in the future (made from plants) or reco

How does the US use nonrenewable resources?

The most common of the non-renewable resources the US uses are uranium, coal and petroleum. Uranium is used in nuclear reactors to generate electricity. Coal is used in heatin

Is land a renewable resource or a nonrenewable resource?

Land is both a renewable resource and a nonrenewable resource. It is renewable because land can be used over and over again. Particularly, in terms of farming, proper care can

How are nonrenewable resources is different from renewable resources?

As their names suggest, nonrenewable resources cannot be replenished in any way after being extracted from the Earth. Renewable resources can be replaced eventually. Examples

How can the environmental impacts of using renewable and nonrenewable resources differ?

They differ because of their effects. Using renewable energy (solar, wind, water, hydro, tidal and wave, geothermal, ocean thermal, biomass and biofuel) releases no carbon dio

It is better to use renewable or nonrenewable resources for energy?

Renewable because you can use it over and over again without running out, sort of like recycling paper and plastic. With nonrenewable resources, however, once you use it it's