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How many countries have nuclear missiles?

  Answer to the question     Maybe 7 countries. USA, Russia, UK, France, China , India and Pakistan.   Note: I am very sure USA, Russia ,India and Pakistan has (MORE)

Why Cubans were happy to help in the Cuban missile crisis?

If your referring to the ex-Cubans, it was because they wanted and had the chance to help the U.S. Plus it got back at the Cuban gov't which had forced them to flee in the fir (MORE)
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Why do US help other countries?

Ever since I was a small child, and that was a while ago, the people in the US. have always been the first to jump up and assist the people of other nations that were in troub (MORE)

How many nuclear missiles does the us has?

At the peak the US had 1052 ICBMs (1000 Minuteman & 52 Titan) plus SLBMs, IRBMs, SRBMs, and Cruise Missiles in various lesser quantities. The Minutemans have always been the l (MORE)

How do missile defense systems help nations?

Missile defense systems are very limited in nature. If one missile gets out of control, it might be shot down as the USS Lake Erie shot down a USA missile in a test on Feb. 14 (MORE)