How big is an average sized nightclub?

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What is a nightclub?

A nightclub is an establishment for nighttime entertainment,typically serving drinks and offering music, dancing, etc.

How big are cliques on average?

Size of Cliques . It is a popularity contest. Maybe if someones "popular" and someone is a "nerd" or a "dork" that would be known as a clique. They can also change in size depending on a school. 2,000 kids with 4 grade levels can have easily 30 cliques of about 20- 100 kids. Though it is no ( Full Answer )

What is an average size?

The average size of an object depends on what the object is. Theaverage size of an American male is 5 foot 9 and 170 pounds.

Is a size 28E a big bra size?

Your bra size is made up of a number, the back size, and a letter, the cup size. The size 28E means the woman has a small back size, and a large cup in relation to her frame. However her breasts will not be large next to a woman with say 34D bra size. Contrary to popular belief this is no wher ( Full Answer )

What size is the average size for a tabby cat?

'Tabby' is a coat pattern and not a breed, but I'm guessing you're meaning a Domestic Shorthair. They are medium (your average cat size), averaging about 4kg in weight. However, because Domestic Shorthairs come in a range of sizes and shapes, this will not be a healthy weight for all of them.

How big is the average?

Well, averages always depend on what you are looking for, example: the average height of a giraffes neck is ...metres long. In relation to this we have hypothesis which is where you can estimate something and then afterwards you find it out. If next time the person who sent this in put what he wante ( Full Answer )

How big should your penis be on average?

The average length of an erect adult penis is 6 to 7 inches but the normal range of sizes for an adult erect penis is anything from 2 inches right up to 10 inches or more. Puberty is a very variable process and different boys start it at different ages. The normal range of ages at which boys start p ( Full Answer )

How big is the average high school?

The average high school is about 1,600 in size. However, thisnumber varies drastically. Some high schools are much larger thanthis, while others are much smaller.

How big is the average persons forehead?

The average forehead is about 8cm from top to bottom, however James Chiddentions forehead exceeds 20cm, as all of Phillips 9 worry about regularly. Brian garcia's is about 3ft.

How big is the average size of polygamist family?

An average polygamist family in America is usually quite small, mostly because it is illegal and a small family would be easier to keep under the radar. Most would have two to four wives.

How big is the average glacier?

The average glacier is 5500 feet tall. The glaciers that are mostlymelted are approximately 1 foot, and the largest glacier is 11,000feet in the middle of Antarctica.

How big is the average nipple?

Well the nipple is pretty big , for an average 12 year old it's 2 inches on a 40 year old then it's like 3 inches how fat are they then bloody hell.

How big is an average marshmallow?

It depends which kind it is. The really small ones that usuallycome with the hot chocolate are about a little less than onecentimeter. The mini marshmallows are about half an inch, and theregular ones are about 1 to 1 1/2 inches - not 2 1/2 to 3 incheslike the person that previously answered this qu ( Full Answer )

How big is an average Orchid?

Orchids vary so much in size that there is no use in saying "average" when talking about their size. There are orchids just a few centimeters tall and there are orchids over a meter long.

How big is the average salmon?

I am not sure how big the average salmon is, but smoked it's normally quite nice in a bagel with cream cheese. Make sure it is cream cheese though; any solid cheese such as Cheddar or Red Leicester is too strong and will hugely over power the salmon, the cream cheese compliments it perfectly.

How big is the average Navy ship?

WWII Fletcher destroyers were about 376' long. Vietnam War Sherman class destroyers were about 407' long. All armed with 5" guns. The Russian Borodino class battleships during the Battle of Tsushima in 1905 were about 397' long. All armed with 12" guns.

How big is the average seal?

The average elephant seal will grow to approximately 13 feet longand 4400 pounds. However, there are other types of seals withdifferent weight averages.

How big is a average Irish wolfhound?

The Average height for an Irish Wolfhound is 30in. in female and 32in. in males. An Irish Wolfhound can be 28-35in. I think they measure the breed up to its shoulder, so I'm not sure if it is 30in. in total or 30in. to the shoulder

How big is an average chimpanzee?

Here are some fun facts for an average chimpanzee:- . Type: Mammal Diet: Omnivore Average lifespan in the wild: 45 years Size: 4 to 5.5 ft (1.2 to 1.7 m) Weight: 70 to 130 lbs (32 to 60 kg) Group name: Community Protection status: Endangered Size relative to a 6-ft (2-m) man

How big was the average baby megalodon?

They are at first 10ft something. Few weeks or a month later, they become around 20 ft then as years go by they gradually become bigger and bigger until they reach from 52-65ft.

How big is an average size drum kit in inches?

The size of the bass drum will determine the sizes of the rest of the drums in the kit this can be between 18" to26" With the cymbals and toms it could be 40" in all but this depends on how its been set up as everyone sets up differently. A drum kit has 4 drums, high hat and 2 symbols.

How big is Earth in average?

The earth is 100 million miles in diameter and its mass is alot. The weight is 30 tons and it is 3 inches tall.

How big is the average walrus?

Male Pacific Walruses are on average 11 ft in length and can weigh a ton. Male Atlantic Walruses are about 10 ft in length and weigh around 1650 pounds.

How big is the average guinea pig?

The typical adult guinea pig is about 9 inches (~23cm) long and 4inches (~10cm) wide at their widest point (the hip). Note thatGuinea pigs can stretch by a signifficant amount when trying toreach food, those measurements can only be seen as approximatefigures for a relaxed adult animal.

How big is the average drill head?

There is no such thing as an "average drill head". They come in all different sizes and can often be found in sizes marked in fractions of an inch. i.e. 1/16 inches. If you are looking for a drill to match a screw or bolt, take it to your local hardware store. They usually have a template that can g ( Full Answer )

How big is average?

Well, men seem to worry far too much about their penis size. Any size over two inches is capable of sexual activity and female pleasure. However i will answer. Age length(inches) 10 2.5 11 2.6 (average puberty start) 12 2.8 13 3.5 14 4.0 15 4.7 16 5.0 17 5.2 18-24 5.3 (average pu ( Full Answer )

How big is an average sized adult human?

In united states, the average size for an adult male human is 5'10 1/2 and weighs in range from 165-185 lbs. The average size for an adult female human is 5'6 and weighs in range from 136-148 lbs.

How big is the average casket?

In the US, the dimensions of standard caskets for adults are: - outside dimensions: 80" - 83" (length) 26" - 29" (width) 20" - 24" (height) inside dimensions: 77" - 79" (length) 23" - 24" (width) Oversized caskets are available as well.

How big is an average size pyramid?

The average height of pyramids is somewhere around 100 feet to 200 feet . The biggest in the world today is called Khufu's Pyramid , which is part of the world-famous Egyptian Pyramids. It is popularly known as the Great Pyramid of Giza , which measures 450 high and covers approximately 13 acres ( Full Answer )

1940s Chicago nightclub owner Big Jim Cameron?

Big Jim Cameron was my great uncle by marriage. His wife was Lillian Sucher, my grandmother's sister (on my father's side). I really don't know much more than that. He lived for some time in Northern Kentucky in the Fort Mitchell area, off a street known as Barrington Woods. I'd love to know what ac ( Full Answer )

How big is the average garden?

Garden size varies from just a few plants to large gardens in whichmany varieties are grown. Unfortunately, no statistics for averagesize are known, but it is likely that most people do not have thespace to grow very large gardens. The average size is likely agarden that will feed the people growing ( Full Answer )

How do you get your nightclub bigger on Nightclub City?

level up. simple as that. make sure to have plenty of dancing space but also have plenty of open floor space. this way people fight and fall in love and you gain more money. by doing so you will level up and have the money to buy an upgrade.

How big is the average koi?

A young koi is about 3-7 inches. when they grow to adulthood, they can as long as 40 inches!

How big is the average gun range?

Pistol-only ranges are typically 25 or 50 yards long. Rifle ranges are usually 100, 200, or 500 yards long. Some ranges are 1000 yards, but due to the space required they are less common. A range usually has 5 or more shooting lanes. Shotgun ranges vary by the type of shooting they are intended f ( Full Answer )

How big is the average boy's penis?

It all depends on age im 18 and when i hit puberty at the start of year 8 (age 12 from the August, 1 month before starting year 8) my penis was about 2.5-3.5 flacid (not erect) and 3.5-4.5 erected.. year nine it went to 4 inches on flacid and 5.5 on erect.. it was then 5 flacid and 6-6.5 on erect du ( Full Answer )

How big are the average tennis bags?

The average tennis bag will carry up to three tennis rackes as well as a few balls to allow them for a quicker retrieval. Most can be found in your local sporting goods store or you can simply shop online places such as amazon or eBay to find them if none are available to your local.

On average how big are cattle trailers?

"Cattle and stock trailers come in a rage of sizes, from single animal units that can be hitched to a pickup truck, to large semi-trailers that can carry many animals at once."

How big is the average bamboo leaf size?

A bamboo leaf is not at all as big as something like a water lily- but it is still big if it is under the category of leaves. It is usually 28-32cm long and width is slim! I haven't done much research on this so don't blame me if its wrong! i have checked to webs and they both say the same! so hopef ( Full Answer )

How big is the average production company?

Production companies oversee many events, including concerts, sports events, and movies. They employe a wide variety of skilled and professional labour, usually under the direction of a management company. The average production company will include hundreds of people working in a variety of field ( Full Answer )

How big is an average rain drop?

On average, the size of a rain drop is 0.1-0.5mm. The size of a rain drop depends on the amount of water in an area together. For example, if there are a large number of water drops in a small area and they collide, they would then join together and become a bigger droplet. If they get too big, then ( Full Answer )

Can one cook big portions in an average size wok?

One can cook big portion of food in an average size of wok or pan provided that the cooking procedures are done several times. If the cooking is done once, one can only cook an average size or amount of food in an average size of wok.

How big the average size penis?

The average size of a man's penis 5.88 inches. A lot of men areconcerned about their penis size, but if you ask a woman if thatmatters, the majority will say no.