How big should a 13 year olds breasts be?

About a B or a C. If you are self cincious about your breasts then try these methods: 1 put in some weight 2 massage your breasts from underneath 3 rub them with lotion 3 time (MORE)

How big should a 13 year olds feet be?

an 13 year foot size should be around an 8 or 9 There is no size which your feet 'should be' at any age, generally taller boys have larger size feet, so if you are taller tha (MORE)
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Should you show a 13 year old boy your boobs?

In most western cultures, including the United States, displaying developed human female breasts to a thirteen year-old boy would be considered unacceptable behavior by most a (MORE)
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How big should a 13 year old girl feet be?

Everyone grows at different rates -- if your feet seem to big or too small to you now, don't worry. Eventually the ratio of feet:rest of body will be perfectly normal!