How can I get an owner's manual for a Sears Kenmore Dishwasher model 665.1691190 when Sears says they no longer have it?

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How do you thread Sears Kenmore 5186 sewing machine. need manual?

I would also love a copy of the manual if possible! Answer Not sure if you still need it or not. I have the manual to this machine and can thread it with no problem. It is a great machine. If you would like I can scan the parts of the manual that you need. Let me know. I have a Kenmore 148.12071. I (MORE)

Where can you get an owner's manual for a Sears gas stove?

When it comes to old stuff, Sears is pretty good about being able to track down parts, owner's manuals and other such things. They have a web site, and a toll-free number to help you with stuff like this. Give them a click or a shout. A link is provided. The easiest way (this is coming from a f (MORE)

Where can you get an owners manual for a sears garden tiller model 917.628040?

Answer . Usually you can go to the service center that services the Sears products and order one. Take the serial and model number with you. I have done this several times. Sears has a web site now that you might be able to order from also. The cars I has say to call 1-800-4-my-home or visit www (MORE)

Where to find wiring diagram for sears dishwasher model 587.1574590?

Sears Kenmore dishwashers beginning with 587 are actually manufactured by Frigidaire. You can find a bunch of manuals at: Unfortunately, there is no exact match for your model number there, but in my case I was able to find a manual (MORE)

How do you thread a Sears Kenmore model 158.14001?

Take the thread through the first thread guide which is on theright, then through the needle guide notch. Wind the thread aroundthe tension dial and pull up to the left of the dial. Pull thethread into the thread guide at the bottom. Take the thread fromfront to back through the needle eye.

Does sears still sell Kenmore model 175665301 garbage disposal?

I am a repair tech for Sears. No this product is no longer available. As a matter of fact a lot of the parts are also no longer available or have been replaced with substitution parts. The most compatible model to this currently is the 1/2 hp Kenmore 06011.

Where can you get an owner's manual for a Sears backpack blower model 360.79679?

I was told by Sears Parts Direct that they have no parts or manuals for this model of backpack leaf blower. When I asked them who manufactured the blower for Sears, they told me it was made by Solo, Inc.. SOLO, Inc.. 5100 Chestnut Ave.. Newport News,VA 23605 (757) 245-4228. http://www.solousa. (MORE)

Where can you download a manual for a Sears model no 358.797260?

I don't see a free download anywhere. You can get it from Sears for $4.93.. Cut and paste this into your browser to get it:. (MORE)

An owners manual for a Sears craftsman Generator Model?

Some manuals are available through sears website. If you go to and put your model number of your generator into the appropriate box you will see a list of available parts breakdowns. There should also be a box to enter what you are looking for. Type manual in that box. If th (MORE)

How much is a Sears Kenmore Sewing machine model 148.12210 worth?

The value of this sewing machine is zero ($0.00). There is nothing wrong with that particular make or model. Ninety-nine percent of these older, electro-mechanical sewing machines aren't worth anything because the cost of having it serviced approaches or exceeds the price of a NEW machine from a dis (MORE)

Where did the name sears Kenmore come from?

The first appearance of the Kenmore brand washing machine almost escaped notice. The Kenmore washing machine did not show up in the venerable Sears catalog that year, and no known photograph of the 1927 washing machine with a Kenmore brand on it exists. The origin of the name Kenmore is equally vagu (MORE)

Where can you find a manual for Sears Kenmore model no 5188?

Visit the below link to enter your *model* number, then select theblue tab labled "Manuals", and then select the option to downloadthe file. . You can download a free owner's manual of any Sears Kenmore sewingmachine model, but you first need to have the correct model number. PLEASE NOTE: 5188 i (MORE)