How can I get my long distant ex boyfriend back when he loves someone else a long distance relationship going is extremely difficult she is younger works with him she is more successful?

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How do you deal with your girlfriend's abusive ex-boyfriend when you are in a long distance relationship?

A voluntary long-distance relationship is an oxymoron. There is little you can do when you are not there to help her. You may wish to refer her to these articles: I am sorry to hear you are going through this. There is only one solution to this problem .. you move to where she is. I know this may ( Full Answer )

How do you know that someone in a long-distance relationship with you really loves you?

You will never know 100%. It's impossible. Distance can be hard on a relationship. A long-distance relationship when it comes to war and your mate is away fighting for his country is a lot different than just someone living in another country or State. Personally, I stayed away from long-distant rel ( Full Answer )

How do you get your ex-boyfriend back after two years of a serious relationship if you thought you were going to get married but you left him to date someone else?

I was skeptical about magic spells. For me i thought love spell wasa movie thing though but I was ready to try anything to get myhusband back, which this spell did for me,I've appreciated the fact that he solved my relationship issue in aperfect way, call him +15036626930 if you ( Full Answer )

Is it too late to get back with an ex-boyfriend if he is seeing someone who lives a long distance from him?

Answer . \nIn this case I would say it's worth a shot to get him back. He isn't married, and long distance relationships have a very low percentage of working out. He isn't married. The best thing to do is simply meet with your ex b/f and tell him what is in your heart. This is no time to fe ( Full Answer )

Can you win back your ex-girlfriend from a long-distance relationship even if she has a new boyfriend?

i was in a long distance relationship for 8 months with my boyfriend. We broke up because he cheated and in anger i dated someone else and we got back together not long yes it is possible. but it depends on how strong each of you feel. Answer i don't think so she don't want u Answer ( Full Answer )

Why would your long-distance ex-boyfriend lie about being on a course with work the previous week but still arrange to meet up with you to try to get your relationship back on track?

Answer . It could be a matter of dignity on his part. He doesn't really want to over-do it by telling you how much he misses you and wants to get back together with you for fear you will reject him. He's still trying to maintain a semblance of individuality and control in HIS life and not your ( Full Answer )

How do you know if your ex still loves you if you had a long distance relationship?

Answer . The percentage of long distance relationships (meeting on the Internet) working out is extremely low. It can also be extremely dangerous considering you don't know who you are talking too and the person at the other end could be baiting or using you. It's best to meet someone the good ( Full Answer )

How do you get your ex boyfriend back when its long distance and he has a new girlfriend but he says he still loves you?

You can't make him come back to you and it isn't fair of him to keep telling you he still loves you. Make a clean break here and tell him that he can't keep doing this. He needs to make a choice, ask him outright if he wants you back if he says no or he doesn't know then that it. Move on, if you tak ( Full Answer )

Will a long distance relationship work if you are A Taurus and your boyfriend is a Capricorn?

Answer #1: I'm a Scorpio and my boyfriends a Taurus and we live apart. our relationship started long distance but now we have keys to each others homes and see each other regularly. The distance did cause some suspicion on my part because I diddn't know what he was up to and we had some huge fights ( Full Answer )

Can you win an ex-boyfriend back from long distance?

I strongly disagree with the last answer. It all depends on the how much you love that person. And how much he loves you. If you both have strong feelings for each other then there is a chance you will workout. And good luck getting him back!\n. \n Answer \n. \nLong distance relationships seld ( Full Answer )

What can you do to convince your boyfriend that a long distance relationship can work?

Think about this for a minute. Presumably, you are going to be some distance apart in the near future. He does not believe that a long-distance relationship will work. Just think about these facts alone for a moment. What is the message that he is giving you by telling you that a long-distance relat ( Full Answer )

How can you get your ex back when he loves someone else?

Answer . I'm sorry to say that if he loves someone else then you are going to have to deal with it. 'Ex' means they are no longer with their girlfriend and he's free to choose who he wants, but then again so are you! All of us had probably had this happen at least once in our lives and NEVER let ( Full Answer )

Will I go back with my ex boyfriend even though we both have a relationship with someone else right now But we went out for 6 months and we were really in love?

No do not go back. Most likely, the past will repeat and you will find yourself in the same situation you are in now. I do not know why you two broke up, but since you two went your separate ways you were not really in love. After, a break-up or some time apart, people tend to think of only the good ( Full Answer )

How can I get my long distance ex-boyfriend back when he admits he loves me but can't deal with the long distance traveling and it is affecting his work and he has become depressed?

Answer . Stick around and be his friend help him get help in dealing with his depression and when he is ready he will be yours if you are patient.. Answer . There are two reasons for this:. He's telling you the truth . He could have found someone else (keeping a long distance relationship g ( Full Answer )

How do you get over someone you love after 8 years long distance relationship but we met a lot of times And now she broke up with me and she's with someone else where she lives?

just like how you would get over any other relationship do exactly what you like and don't deny the fact that's its over trust me it does not help. you as difficult as it is need to accept the fact that its over. don't be hard on yourself, at first its hard to talk about it but eventually talking ab ( Full Answer )

How do you gain your boyfriends trust back in a long distance relationship?

Just Be Real To Him, Tell Him Everything From A-Z. Show Him Evidence Of What You Do, Tell Him Things Which Happend To U In The Past (The Things U Wudnt Tell Any1) Ring Him Constantly When You Doing Anything, Show Him Dedication And Push Youself 2 The Edge For Him, And Ull Get His Trust. Guaranteed!

Do long distant relationships work out?

well depend if you see each other ecassionally or if he/she is really committed. if it's different countries, I'd say see other people. But if close states, sure. just do a "check in" every once in a while.

How do you deal with a cheating boyfriend in a long distance relationship who says they still want to be with you but is acting more distant?

Long Distance relationships can be a toughy. If you know for sure that he is cheating, he is not worth the anguish and dread you feel. You need to cut him off without telling him the reason, but don't explain at all (this is the key) Then you will find out if he truly cares for you as he will repeat ( Full Answer )

What should you do if you have a long-lasting relationship and you are in love with someone else?

If you are in love with person "B" why are you still in a relationship with person "A"? . Your "long-lasting" relationship is based on lies if you are in love with someone else so why keep lying to them and yourself? . You have choices and are ultimately responsible for your own happiness so you d ( Full Answer )

Will a long distance relationship work if you are A Virgo and your boyfriend is a Aries?

I wouldn't believe in any of that crap. Extra emphasis on the crap part. Ive seen plenty of couples whove been together almost their entire life and they are different signs. Remember if you do choose to believe in that balony than look at it as a guide. You cant let a little section in the paper te ( Full Answer )

How can you tell that your boyfriend loves you from a long distance relationship?

You really can't. Love is difficult enough to demonstrate face-to-face, and adding miles between two people makes it even more difficult. Declarations of love have to be taken for their word, and letters and phone calls will never replace seeing a smile, or feeling a hug. My personal opinion i ( Full Answer )

How do you get your ex boyfriend back after so long and he is now talking to someone else?

He is your ex-boyfriend for a reason. When he was your boyfriend, either he or you were unhappy with something in your relationship, and ended it. Broken relationships can be patched but are never quite what they were originally. Patching only works when both parties really want it to work out. One ( Full Answer )

What do you do when a guy you love is in a long term relationship with someone else and it seems like it will never end because there relationship seems to be going perfect?

Just let their relationship run it's course. If it's not meant to be then it's not meant to be. And if he breaks up with his girlfriend don't immediately ask him out or except him to ask you out. Get close to him as a friend first. Tell him he can come to you for advice or anything else he needs. On ( Full Answer )

Can a long distance relationship work if the boyfriend is in a band?

Most often when there is a long distance relationship and the boyfriend works in a band the relationship already has two strikes against it ... the long distance and bands that become popular often have 'groupies' follow them and the groups in the bands are well noted for fooling around with one or ( Full Answer )

How do long distant relationship work?

sometimes it will work as long as you see eachother everyonce and a while, but you never know when your gf/bf is cheating or things such as that.

What to do when you and your boyfriend have a long distance relationship?

U can call or text eatch other another option is chat on facebook or Skype . It's so important in a long distance relationship to make plansfor the next time you will be together in person. Even if that'next date' is in 6 months time - the fact that you both know whenyou will get to see and touch a ( Full Answer )

Are long distance relationships going to work out?

well it all depends on you and the other person, trust me im in a long distance relationship right now for the last 6-7 months, he lives in florida and im in new york. but if you both keep trust, and communication between you guys it will all be okay. with long distance relationships, their must be ( Full Answer )