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Why did Americans migrate from east to west?

Because America started on the East coast. People were running out of room due to the large population and so they began to move inland, which happened to be West.
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Why do isotherms run in an east-west direction?

Not all isotherms run in an east-west direction, but most of them do. This is because latitude determines the temperature and climate of different regions. For example, the Tr (MORE)

Is it longer on a sailboat going east to west or west to east?

Wind direction and the water's current direction are important, not the compass direction. Assume your sailboat is travelling west to east, around Cape Horn (the bottom of So (MORE)
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The needle on a compass points only towards magnetic north.  Therefore, the other end of the needle points (obviously) towards  the south. East and west can be calculated fr (MORE)

Which interstate travels east-west direction?

Interstates I - 10 (the longest), I-40 and I-80 run east -west  across the US.
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