How can you find a birth certificate with only a first name and date of birth and village?

\n Answer \n. \nGo to you can get a lot of information about births in the USA and other countries.\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \nAnswers to this quest (MORE)

How do you find out who your biological father is when your mother won't tell you and his name is not on your birth certificate?

Answer . Well, this is going to take some detective work. First thing is to ask questions of those in the know how. Who was your mother close to at the time of your birth. (MORE)

Could you please help meI have an adopted sister and only knowthat she was born in a nuns convert in the 1960's our father was not on the birth certificate but i know the mother name?

Without knowing what state the adoption took place in, it's hard to give you an in-depth answer. Each state has different laws regarding adoption. I'd suggest you visit thi (MORE)
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How can you find out your day of date of birth?

Since you obviously have access to a computer (or you couldn't have posted this question), just use the built-in calendar. Set it to your birth year and month and check to see (MORE)

How can an adopted person find their birth mother?

Ask your adoptive mother or father to see your birthcertificate (if possible) or your adoption certificate. The birthcertificate will probably help a little more, but the adop (MORE)
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Can mother put biological father's name on birth certificate if they are not married and he does not sign?

If you're in the US, no, she cannot just list him on the birth certificate without him being involved in the process (he normally has to sign a separate form acknowledging pat (MORE)

In Florida is it illegal for the birth mother to put the adoptive mother's name on the birth certificate?

Yes. It is illegal to falsify information on a legal document. The information you provide on the birth certificate must be accurate. An original birth certificate is issued (MORE)
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Does the biological father of a child have any rights to a child if birth mother and presumed birth father put child up for adoption?

Yes. The child cannot be put up for adoption unless both biological parents give up their parental rights so unless you have done that the child can not be adopted unless the (MORE)

How can you find your birth mom when it was a closed adoption?

You have a couple of options. There are many online reunion services; they charge a fee (usually small) and only work if your birth parent(s) are actively looking for you a (MORE)