How can a repo man repossess a car that is locked in a residential garage?

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NO, NO, and also NO. NOT LEGALLY. the UCC of EVERY state and the FED UCC prohibits breaking in to LOCKED DOORS, GATES, GARAGES,ect. To do so is called Breaking and Entering. To involve the police is prohibited also. That makes it NOT a civil process as a'self-help" repo is supposed to be. Call a LOCAL attorney for state specific advice.
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Can a repo man drive over your property to repossess a car?

%DETAILS% That is a case of damage to your property by them and you would have to make that claim against them. Obviously they can go on your property to get the vehicle, how

Can they break into your locked garage to repossess your car?

First, State Laws on this issue may widely differ. You would dowell to check with an Attorney of Law or even the AttorneyGeneral's Office in your State. Second, many state la

Can a repo man repossess a car from a company's parking lot?

YES they can come in the parking lot. YES, if they are smart repomen, they will check the adjacent blocks. Their job is to FIND the car and recover it. If it is not at the POE

In CT do you have to lock the garage door or is the car off limits to the repo man simply by being in the garage?

Cant go in a locked door in ANY state legally. They will just get the police to come open the door with a court order. Make your payments and if you can't, talk to the lender.

Can a repo man go into a locked or closed garage?

It depends upon what you authorized when you signed the promise to repay the loan. In theory, you can certainly give the lender permission to hire a repo-man to enter your

Will a repo man come to your P.O. Box to repossess your car?

You are fighting a loosing battle. They will eventually get the car. You use the term "Your Car". It is not "Your Car". The car belongs to the lender, as they put up the money

Can a repo man enter a closed garage to repo your car?

Well at this point if a repo agent is there to recover a vehicle or property, You no longer own your car or property the BANK does. If a repo agent gets proper authorities "po

What can be done when a repo man breaks into a locked garage and takes my car?

Realistically not much although in many states they can go onprivate property they are not supposed to go into locked areas. Therepo man was unprofessional but no matter what