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Can a man be raped by a woman?

YES Rape occurs when a person is forced into a sexual act against his/her will. If a woman approaches a man and he refuses to have sex with her- HE SAYS NO- and she forces her (MORE)
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Can a man get raped?

yes, only if they dont enjoy it "oh no! plz dont give me head!" - rape victim (male)
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How does a man get raped by another man?

A man can rape another man, by inserting his penis into the victim's butt hole, or making the victim insert his penis in his into his butt hole. The man can also make the vict (MORE)

If a woman is raped and gets pregnant does she have to fight for custody if their was no conviction of the man who raped her?

Is this man fighting you for custody?? Do you have a Restraining Order against him? Has paternity been established? There are a lot of questions raised by your question. Pleas (MORE)

What happens when a pregnant woman is raped?

Well I'm not a Doctor or a gynaecologist, I'm a layman, but I  suppose that doctors advice husbands and wives to act gently if  they have sex during pregnancy to prevent har (MORE)