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What would you do if a man raped you?

I'm really sorry to hear this has happened to you. First of all, confide in a close friend or relative as you will need support at a time like this. You should then report thi (MORE)
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Can a man be raped by a woman?

YES Rape occurs when a person is forced into a sexual act against his/her will. If a woman approaches a man and he refuses to have sex with her- HE SAYS NO- and she forces her (MORE)
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What happens if a black man rapes you?

It really doesn't matter what race or ethnicity your rapist is, what happens to you is still the same. You will go through a lot of emotions, pain, and struggles. You may, if (MORE)
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Am i a man or a woman?

well, if you have guy parts your a guy and if u have girl parts your a girl
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Can a man be a woman?

It is possible for a man to become a women through surgery. Also, other than sex, gender is what you think you should be. so if a man thinks he should be a woman, his gender i (MORE)
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Can a man get raped?

yes, only if they dont enjoy it "oh no! plz dont give me head!" - rape victim (male)
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What happens when a pregnant woman is raped?

Well I'm not a Doctor or a gynaecologist, I'm a layman, but I  suppose that doctors advice husbands and wives to act gently if  they have sex during pregnancy to prevent har (MORE)

Can a man get raped your partner says he was?

my partner swears to me he was raped by this woman. we both know her but i don,t know what to believe im thinking there in it together and had an affair. i need to know if thi (MORE)
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Is a man a woman?

No, it can't really be that answer. There's two sides, man or woman. You are born usually just one gender. If you mean "Does a man act like a woman?" Well, if they are gay, pe (MORE)