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What happens if a black man rapes you?

It really doesn't matter what race or ethnicity your rapist is, what happens to you is still the same. You will go through a lot of emotions, pain, and struggles. You may, if (MORE)

Can a man be a woman?

It is possible for a man to become a women through surgery. Also, other than sex, gender is what you think you should be. so if a man thinks he should be a woman, his gender i (MORE)
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What are you a man or a woman?

Well, if you believe your gender is slightly not what you were told, yes you could.. have surgery like the man, on Taboo. But, if you asked the last person who edited this, ye (MORE)

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If a woman hits a man can the man hit the woman back?

Hitting or killing someone is against the law, always, regardless of the situation. In some cases it is 'excused' by the concept of self-defense. Self defense is not a right. (MORE)
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Who the man in womanizer?

i think is William levy I believe that the man in this explicit media clip is Sabrina Barry.
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Is a man a woman?

No, it can't really be that answer. There's two sides, man or woman. You are born usually just one gender. If you mean "Does a man act like a woman?" Well, if they are gay, pe (MORE)