Can you fix your phone if you drop it in water?

cell phone? it is possible to dry it out and it still work. Take the back off the phone and remove the battery keep it all apart for a minimum of 24 hours. Sometimes i (MORE)
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How do you fix iPhone water damage?

When an iPhone gets water damage, the defects are not caused because the iPhone is simply wet. The defects actually originate from the impurities in the water that will corrod (MORE)
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How can you fix your ipod if you drop it in water?

You can put it in rice Or get it repaired But Apple might not get it repaired since they wont replaced it if you damaged it allot in the watter then no luck in getting it fixe (MORE)
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Can you fix an ipod that has been dropped in water?

You can wait a couple of years and the battery might drie up. My sister put hers in the wash and 3 years later it worked. Also, i heard that if you put condoms with the batter (MORE)

What should you do to fix a home button on your iPhone 3 after you dropped it in water and it stopped working?

One of the best home remedies to prevent damage from a technological device after it has been dropped into water is to not turn it on to begin. This could cause internal damag (MORE)