How can drugs alcohol and smoking lead to underage pregnancy?

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What is underage pregnancy?

There is really no such thing. From a legal standpoint, you canassume it's anyone pregnant under the age of 18. From a religiousstandpoint, underage pregnancy could be conside

How can drugs and smoking lead to underage pregnancy?

Answer . drugs and alcohol can lead to pregnancy because people often don't realize the effects of what they're doing under the influence, causing one night stands. Answer

How can smoking alcohol and drug lead to underage pregnancy?

When you are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol you tend to do things you wouldn't normally do. If you are using as a teenager, chances are you are just trying to fit

Will drugs or alcohol effect the results of a pregnancy test?

Alcohol and drugs will not affect the results of a pregnancy test provided that they do not contain the pregnancy hormone hCG. This includes over the counter medication and mo

Can Virginia randomly drug test underage alcohol offenders?

It is legal and common for offenders to be subject to random drug and alcohol screens as a condition of their probation, so yes, offenders can be randomly tested while serving