How can drugs alcohol and smoking lead to underage pregnancy?

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What is underage pregnancy?

There is really no such thing. From a legal standpoint, you canassume it's anyone pregnant under the age of 18. From a religiousstandpoint, underage pregnancy could be considered that of anun-wed woman. From society's perspective, it's simply a "youngmother" wed or un-wed.

Who gets custody in an underage pregnancy?

Answer . \nIf this refers to the unborn child the laws of the state where the child is born would apply. Generally the unmarried mother regardless of her age has full automatic custody of the child except under extraordinary circumstances. If the mother is unmarried and the father wishes to share custody he must first establish paternity (usually through DNA testing), even though he claims to be the father.

Are underage pregnancies common in the UK?

Answer . \nUnderage pregnancies are possible anywhere where the is a girl and a guy and one or both are minors.

What is the punishment for underage smoking?

you get a smoking ticket for violating the prevention of youth tobacco acts, when i got my smoking ticket, it cost $115, but when i went to go pay it at a vehicle registry, there's a service fee you must pay, it can be either $7 - $9, so don't get caught, but if you're more honest to the police or whoever, they might be nice and just give you a warning.

What is the aftermath of an underage pregnancy?

Answer . I actually became pregnant at 16 myself and it was difficult. In no way do I regret it at all. The only complications were that my body rejected the prenancy and I developed PIH ( pregnancy induced hypertension) and pre ecclampsia. I had my daughter at 29 weeks and she was 2 lbs 9 oz and she is as healthy as can be now! She is 7. However the crazy thing is at the same time my best friend was also pregnant and was also 16 she had no problems and did just fine, however she gave her son up for adoption. There are plenty of optins for teen pregnancy's not just abortiion. There is plenty of support out there. No as far as the aftermath I am not sure what you want answerd. Every body is not the same so as far stretch marks or anything else of that nature look at your mothers us women tend to stretch like our mothers.

Is underage pregnancy wrong?

Now there's a great question! So why is it that people who can have sex and babies are discouraged from having sex and babies by society, laws and their parents? It's because the teenager's body grows up a little faster that the person's ability to figure out how to care for the children produced. This is not generally good for the babies--because the parents can't support them. This is not good for the young parents, because they are raising babies before they can grow up enough to support themselves--and the babies. This is not good for society which has to pay for the resulting mess of underage parents and badly cared for babies. Yes that is a good Question they have a certain age limit for when you can have sex because if a girl gets pregnant to young it can cause a lot of damage or even kill her because she is not fully developed to have a baby yet because she is still growing also you are not mature enough to have a baby under the age of 16 even if you think you are and also the farther don't really stick around when you have a baby but not all boys are like that but most are. In my opinion it's best to have a baby when you have been with someone a few years or are even married It mainly depends on the person. Some people think it's wrong and some people don't think much of it. Most people think it's wrong because they're still children themselves and them bringing another child into the world seems very irresponsible. If your under 18 your most likely not even out of school yet, so you don't have a job, house, car, etc. and chances are you will drop out because juggling a child and school isn't as easy as it seems. On top of all of that, you can't go out with your friends like you used to, you have to stay home and change diapers and feed your child. instead of getting money and thinking about buying that new shirt you've been wanting, your going to have to buy diapers, formula, baby clothes, baby wipes, etc. and that's how I feel. I'm not sure about how the people that don't think much of it feel, but my guess would be that they think that if your responsible enough to have sex, your responsible enough to carry a baby and support it.

Virginia Laws Underage possession of alcohol?

By the book: Maximum 1 year loss of driver's license, up to 12 months in jail, up to $2500 in fines. Generally, a guilty verdict will entail loss of driver's license for 6 months - 1 year, no jail time, $500 fine. If this is first offense, you might be offered ASAP classes, probation for a year and loss of license, no fines. Record will be dropped upon successful completion of probation. Also in VA - you might ask for a restricted license which will allow a person to legally drive to and from work only while license is considered suspended for all other purposes.

How can drugs and smoking lead to underage pregnancy?

Answer . drugs and alcohol can lead to pregnancy because people often don't realize the effects of what they're doing under the influence, causing one night stands. Answer . Underage smoker nods out on Heroin, drops cigarette, and starts fire which burns down family house. In need of temporary shelter, young smoker is taken in by relatives, and meets beautiful girl cousin . . .

How can smoking alcohol and drug lead to underage pregnancy?

When you are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol you tend to do things you wouldn't normally do. If you are using as a teenager, chances are you are just trying to fit in with the crowd. If you'll do that to fit in, you'll have sex to fit in too. You may not be as careful or use birth control when having sex when you're high, you may not even realize you had sex...depending on how much drugs/alcohol you have used. Without protection, you can also get STD's, AIDS, warts, crabs, ...any number of unpleasant diseases. If your partner "says" he/she doesn't have anything...maybe he/she doesn't know. Alot of diseases are dormant, hidden, and can still be passed on to the partner. The WORST thing drugs and alcohol can lead to though is addiction. And that can make you do things you never imagined... from committing crimes, lying stealing, DUI, even suicide.

What is the Punishment for underage possession of alcohol?

It depends on the state and circumstances. It usually involves some amount of fine in the hundreds of dollars, but could include probation, loss of license, and having to take an class.

Why can it be said that adults who smoke and drink alcohol are hypocritics when they condemn youths for using drugs?

Adults smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol (in moderation) are LEGAL activities. Using drugs are ILLEGAL activities. Adults are aware of the risks of lung cancer. Children, most of the time, fail to recognize the risks involved in using recreational drugs. They really do need adults to steer them away from drugs. And good friends to support those decisions. How many people that you REALLY look up to do recreational drugs. Your coaches don't. Your teachers don't. The president of the local bank doesn't.. The best things in life are obtained DRUG FREE. I know that sounds lame, but it's very, very true. Do you really want to grow up to be a drug addict? Do you want to live in some hole-in-the-wall apartment all your life? Waiting for your next high? Leave the drugs alone. When you are an adult, smoke and drink if you must. But, as long as you drink in moderation, you won't have to worry about getting busted.

What is the law with underage pregnancy in California?

California law gives pregnancy teens assistance with healthcareeven without the consent of the parents. The state providesassistance in locating a place to stay when family kicks them out.Financial Assistance is provided for those less than 18 years ofage.

What is the Pa punishment for underage possession of alcohol?

My 17 yr. old son was charged in PA with possesion of alcohol. When the officers write it up it is coded as "underage drinking", which I think is BS because he hadn't drank it and they even gave him a breathalyzer test which was negative. Clearly possesion and consuming alcohol are two entirely different acts, but according to the law, it is one in the same. I wonder if you can be charged with murder just because you own a gun. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Anyway, apparently you can't fight the system. We pled not guilty and paid $50.00 court fees. The charge was not dropped at the hearing. He was offered to do 20 hours of community service or take a class for 2 weekends(at the cost of $100.00). He will lose his license for 90 days. However, this charge will remain on his driving record as "underage drinking", how's that for fair and just law? Charged with drinking even though he hadn't. I guess that taught my son a good lesson about the fairness of our laws. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve punishment for what he did, but to classify these to acts as one in the same is total crap!

Is underage smoking allowed in Ohio?

You cannot smoke by yourself until you are 18. You cannot purchasecigarettes. However, if you are with a parent or adult over 18 andthey allow you to smoke, you can.

Cons with underage pregnancy?

Aside from the health and mental risks, most young mothers can not care for the child. That responsibility falls to family or the government.

What are the laws of underage possession of alcohol?

Laws vary from state to state and country to country. If you provide specifics, someone may be able to provide a good answer for you.

What percentage of underage smoking?

It's impossible to know for sure, as if an underage person smokes they are hardly likely to admit it, in fear of their parents finding out. In my class in college there are five people under 18, and all of them smoke, but 4 of them deny it to my tutor even though she's seen them smoking. I also smoke, and am underage, and if someone does a survey I always say I am a non smoker.

Can you go to jail for underaged smoking?

No! -- No, underaged smoking does not get a kid in trouble, it gets the parents in a heck of a lot of trouble. If combined with school truancy and shoplifting, etc. the parents can get fined and even the child taken away by the government. Don't smoke or drink if you don't want to be put in boot camp, please.

What is the fine for underage smoking?

A business can be fined thousands of dollars for selling cigarettesto minors. However, the fine for actually smoking is usually just acouple hundred dollars.

Can you get a ticket for underage smoking?

OK, I'll tell you my situation. I've got caught with a cigarette in the hand by state police patrol. It was stupid idea to smoke that late in that place, but happened what should happen. The policeman gave me a warning and he called my parents next day, but usually, he said, he would give me a $50 ticket for underage smoking, situation could even worse if they would call parents to the court. I'm glad the police guy was nice, and he didn't say my parents all what he saw, he gave me a chance to tell my parents about everything by myself.. So the answer here, YES, they can give you a ticket, depends how much time he has and how nice he is.

What is the punishment of underage possession of alcohol in MD?

I am afraid this is impossible to answer without knowing all the details.. If it was something where responsibilty was fully accepted and remorse fully shown from a good kid, and there was no other damage then I would expect the Law Enforcement Officer to exercise good judgment and allow a good stern, frightening warning.. Typically, this should be settled with a no contest plea and a small fine/alcohol program/work. If it was more serious then some sort of house arrest/curfew could be imposed and/or community service work imposed and/or alcohol program enforced.

Does drinking alcohol make you more likely to fail a drug test if you smoke marijuana?

Alcohol will not change what is in your body besides it. A urine test may have slightly lower levels of THC metabolites than usual (since alcohol is a diuretic and you will lose water quicker, diluting it somewhat) but if you smoked marijuana, you will still fail any drug test regardless.

Who does underage pregnancy impact on?

The answer is complex and could include almost everyone in society.. The child to be born. (Mum will be less educated and not as mature as otherwise could have been so the child maybe less well reared). The mum and dad (Mums schooling and dads life will he go to uni or work?). The grandparents (Social shame, time and money in supporting grandchildren). Everyone who pays taxes and will have to support mom and family while she finishes school and needs daycare.. The mothers peer group and younger children who may see this as a life option.

Can you get arrested for underage pregnancy?

No, but your guy can, depending on how old he is. If he's over 5 years older than you or you are under sixteen and he is over 18 (i think it's 18...mayber older), then yes. i don't think so. cuz look at jamie Lynn spears. im 16 and im pregnant and im not in jail

What is the punishment for underage smoking in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Statutes, authorizes a juvenile court judge to impose one or more of the following dispositions: . 1. . Counseling of the juvenile or the juvenile's parent or guardian. . 2. . A forfeiture not to exceed $50. If a juvenile fails to pay the fine within 12 . months, the court may suspend any hunting or fishing license held by the . juvenile for not less than two years. . 3. . Participation in a teen court program, if one is available, provided the juvenile . pleads "guilty" or "no contest" to the violation and has not participated . in a teen court program within the preceding two years. . 4. . Participation in a supervised work program or other community service . work.

Why does underage pregnancy keep rising?

cause after hollywoods baby boom and all he teenage pregnancy shows and movies teengirls get that idea traped in there head and the want to get pregnant... the baby bump is like a fashion statment.... but this DOES NOT apy to all teen pregnancies, half are mistakes but i think all the shows and movies still apply to unplanned teen pregnancies because you get tat idea of having intercourse. hope this helped =]

Is underage smoking bad?

depends on if you've already started smoking. some people will say yes some will say no. if you don't smoke you will say its bad and if you do smoke you will say that its a good thing and that the age limit should be dropped this is because you will have to wait outsside the petrol garage or the corner shop and get someone else to get them for you

What does underage drinking lead to?

Drinking can lead to: . unwanted Sex, . vomiting, . diarrhea, . heart attack, . Death, . unwanted pregnancy, . and much more

How do you obtain alcohol if you are underage?

in the united kingdom you can drink from the age of 4 if you have parental permission and are in your own home In America it depends on the state when the laws are, but most you have to be 21 to buy it. Most kids that get alcohol underage have friends older relatives or even their own parents buy if for them. But you can get ticketed and fined for underage drinking as well as the adult can go to jail for supplying to a minor, so- better think it through.

Should you get a lawyer for underage consumption of alcohol?

We do not know the laws in your area, and we cannot give legal advice.

Why do underage kids drink or smoke?

i am 15(i do both), i smoke because my older ex-boyfriend did n he got me into both dope and tobacco, but i was drinking long before that n that was because the town i live in isn't exactly the happiest place in the world, i don't get along with my family and i hate who ive become.. so i drink.

Will drugs or alcohol effect the results of a pregnancy test?

Alcohol and drugs will not affect the results of a pregnancy test provided that they do not contain the pregnancy hormone hCG. This includes over the counter medication and most prescription medication such as birth control pills and antibiotics. Only medicines that have the pregnancy hormone (such as some infertility drugs) will give a false positive. Best thing to do though is not to use drugs or alcohol if you are trying to become pregnant.

What is the penalty for underage possession of alcohol in Tennessee?

I was charged with underage possession of alcohol in TN, and got... 1 year suspension of drivers license. 5 page essay on effects of alcohol on the brain. 24 hours community service 6 months unsupervised probation. What I got is about the norm, because of the new drug free youth act.

Evil effects of alcohol smoking and drug addiction?

Evil is a term that we apply to people. Drinking to excess, smoking and drugs are not evil, they just are . It is the misuse of those things that is questionable in terms of damage to individuals and society. All three can destroy health, and excessive use of alcohol and drugs can destroy families, relationships and emotional balance along with the physical deterioration it causes in the user.

Can you buy alcohol on a plane if underage?

I'm 16 and i bought beer on the plane to England last month.. my friends bought jagermeister

What do you think about underage pregnancy?

If you are mature enough to take care of the baby then you can have it but if you are not then it would not be the best idea

What are the fnes for you smoking underage?

I am quite sure that there is no charge for this. It is illegal to obtain tobacco products for minors, but that's about it.

Are teens who smoke more likely to use other drugs or alcohol?

The answer to this is yes, but I must say so tentatively because its not for the reasons you may think. An individual who smokes must have been open-minded to smoking for him or her to have started, and they are more likely to use drugs and alcohol because of this personality trait, not because they smoke weed. Also, marijuana laws in many countries can give the impression that weed is a "gateway drug" because in order to buy it one must go to a dealer who often sells other drugs, which can lead to curiosity and an easy way to obtain other drugs. However, in spite of all this, 80% of drug users worldwide reported to ONLY smoke marijuana (but I don't believe this includes alcohol).

Why do underage people drink alcohol?

Peer pressure, wanting to fit in with the crowd, or to seem cool. The list goes on.

How does drug or alcohol use can result in a teen pregnancy?

When you take drugs or alcohol You don't know what your doing And could end up doing it when someone and not know it and that ends up being PREGNANT!!

What is the punishment for underage smoking in Washington?

if you are under 21 years of age, and get caught by the cops smoking weed, you will be given a warning, they wont even call parents, they will just write down your information, and confiscate the herb. a "friend of mine" got caught the other day smoking with some people, and the police took the 20 stack back to his mom as well as his paraphernalia, because he told him that his mom didn't mind him doing it. It was all good because his mom gave it back to him, so all that happened was his name got written down. that was it. SEATTLE WA

Can Virginia randomly drug test underage alcohol offenders?

It is legal and common for offenders to be subject to random drug and alcohol screens as a condition of their probation, so yes, offenders can be randomly tested while serving their sentence. Once the sentence is complete and probation is terminated, the government would once again need probable cause or a warrant to obtain this kind of information.

Is it illegal to smoke underage in California?

yes, even though there may be lots of people (over or underage) who do, its a very bad decision.

Why do underage people smoke?

because they think they are cool and think they will get payed for it but do they know that it will 3.5%kill them thanks....

What is worse drinking alcohol smoking or taking drugs?

Drugs are worse this is not an opinion it is scientifically proven. Keeping the confounding variables the same quantity wise class A drugs are worse This is an entirely unfounded statement. Now there are many different drugs. Some of them are worse than alcohol or cigarettes but the vast majority of them are less dangerous. Soft drugs, that is drugs that produce no or next to no physical addiction and are non toxic are pretty safe. Safer than caffeine or aspirin even in some aspects. Soft drugs include: LSD Mescaline Magic Mushrooms Marijuana You then have drugs that cause a low amount of physical addiction and are moderately toxic. That mid range group includes: Caffeine MDMA(ecstasy) Ketamine GHB Then you have the top group of hard drugs, which are fairly physically addicting and fairly toxic, this group includes: Alcohol Nicotine/tobacco Methamphetamine/Amphetamines Heroin Cocaine/Crack Oxycodone/Vicodin/Px Opiates Now that only accounts for how addictive they are and how easy they are to OD on. Their longer term health effects and dangers of intoxication are fairly different. Now Meth is claimed to be the worlds most dangerous drugs often. Meth is a very 'ugly' drug. It makes people's teeth rot out (this is due mostly bruxism and dry mouth caused by the drug, but is actually preventable i the right precautions are taken when using the drug) and does damage to skin and hair, however it doesn't do severe organ damage(except to your brain, which is does damage to your pleasure centers but not much else). So while meth may seem like a really terrible drug it's mostly just 'surface' damage. The meth'd out rages you see people go through really aren't any worse than a drunken rampage if you think about it either. Now Alcohol is probably the worst drug in existence, period. But there's a few things that keep it from appearing so. Social acceptability is one. It's clean, it's not cut with poisonous chemicals like illegal drugs. It's consumed in a manor where it get's into your body slowly. You'll notice that people don't generally eat Cocaine or Meth, even though both these drugs can be taken by mouth. That's because they're much weaker if the same amount is taken this way. The same is true for alcohol. If people injected alcohol(yes you can inject alcohol, there have even been a handful of alcoholics who have) then it would easily be the worst drug by far. It's pretty much toxic to everything in your body. It causes more organ and brain damage than any other drug. But because it can be consumed by mouth and in smaller amounts and it isn't cut with things, it's safer than the dirty drugs like heroin and cocaine. Now if these drugs weren't cut with things and weren't taken in by injection often, alcohol would be worse.

What happens if you drink alcohol underage?

If there's a legal age in the country you live in, the person that provided the alcohol can get charged if they get caught. If you were the one that chose to drink it, then they might still charge the person that left the beer lying around at your reach. Some families in drink socially or religiously, although it is still illegal, the government is a lot less likely to get involved with religious or cultural beliefs so you might not get in trouble for that, but note that it is still illegal.

How bad is drinking alcohol and smoking and using illegal drugs for you?

This can be very bad for you because illegal drugs can make you go crazy in a bad way, smoking is addicting and causes lung cancer, and too much alcohol can kill.

Do songs lyrics with alcohol drugs smoking and swearing in them have an effect peoples attitude and do they encourage it?

Being exposed to an attitude over and over does desensitize a person. In other words, if you keep listening to things that say those things are OK, then you'll tend to think they are. Especially with teens and younger kids, who think anything they hear on the radio or see on TV is "cool" or is what everyone is doing.

Can you pass a drug test if you smoke alcohol?

How in heck do you smoke alcohol? I thought I knew every possible way in the world to get high but this is a new one on me. That having been said, unless you are tested for EtG or blood alcohol content - and most drug tests don't look for them - you should be fine.

What are the release dates for Operation Repo - 2007 Smoke Lead and Alcohol 4-11?

Operation Repo - 2007 Smoke Lead and Alcohol 4-11 was released on: USA: 31 August 2009 USA: 31 August 2009