How can increase students concentration?

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Can you increase size of student loan?

Federal: only if you initially accepted less then the full award amount. Private: if you want them to extend you more credit, you need to apply for the additional amount.

Does chloride concentration increase with the seas depth?

Yes. Chloride concentration increases with the seas depth. This isbecause chloride increases the salinity of the water. The moresaline the water, the denser it becomes. Dense water, even if it isslightly denser, tends to sink below.

An increase in enzyme or substrate concentration will?

An enzymatic reaction is an equilibrium reaction and thedeterminers of rate include enzyme and substrate concentration. Anincrease in either enzyme or substrate concentration will increasethe rate of the reaction until one or the other component becomessaturated, beyond its ability to react or be reacted at a higherrate.

Why does absorbance increase with concentration?

The light is absorbed at a specific wavelength and this is because the electrons in the chemical bonds only absorb certain wavelengths of light. So, more concentration, more bonds and more electrons to absorb the light.

Why does an increase in concentration increase the rate of reaction?

When the concentration of a solution increases, the particles are moving quicker as they have more energy. This results in more collisions between the substrate and the solution, thus resulting in an increased rate of reaction. Even if the particles are moving at the same speed, with a higher concentration, there is a higher probability of colliding with another reactant molecule rather than a solvent molecule.

Why does the rate of reaction increase as you increase the concentration?

when you increase the concentration of the reactants the particles move quicker resulting in more collision. This makes the rate of the reaction to increase. Even if the particles are moving at the same speed, with a higher concentration of reactants, there is a higher probability that a reactant molecule will collide with another reactant molecule rather than with a water molecule.

How to increase 'Y' Sperm concentration in semen?

\nYou don't. There is no specific "Y" sperm. You can't increase a chromosome count anyway. All males have one x and one y, all women have two x's. The Y chromosome is the sex determining chromosome, triggering the development of the testicles in males. And of course this is to the exception of several cases of males having two x's but still having one y, but the world isn't run on exceptions now is it? What would you be trying to accomplish with this anyway?

Does pH increase as the concentration increases?

Yes. Ph is nothing but measuring the conc. of H+ ions. So if more H+ ions are added to a solution then yes pH should increase. If the solution has lots of OH- ions like a peroxide then increasin the conc. will decrease ph and make the solution more ALKALINE. In short more OH- makes thinks more Alkaline, H+ ions makes things Acidic.

Why does concentration increase the reaction more?

\nImagine the molecules are like soccer balls and the container is like a room. If you're kicking 1 ball around the room at only 1 other ball, the chances of you randomly hitting one ball with the other are slim (low concentration). If you're kicking 200 balls at the same time at another 200 balls in the same room, your chances of 1 ball hitting another are massively increased (high concentration). More balls, more reactions.

Why don't students concentrate on their studies?

It is too much fun living and playing to concentrate on studying. Students get distracted from studying, and many of them don't realize how important studying is. School is your job, just like your parents go to work every day to earn a paycheck and support you while you are in school. Students forget this fact, and then they don't concentrate well on their studies.

Can students concentrate on work if their too cold or too hot?

Like anything, the art of concentrating takes discipline. You have to adapt to your environment if you want to be able to cope/live your life. Yes, they can, if they aren't whiney little bitches. This particular student concentrated on work and managed to graduate while holding down two jobs, one of them full time. Anyone student whining about temperature is fishing for excuses not to work. Probably not. They should concentrate on their grammar instead of the temperature.

Does meditation help increase concentration ability?

Do not confuse concentration with meditation. Concentration is the focusing of the mind on an object. Meditation is a relaxation; a gentle witnessing, which brings awareness to what is, and does not use the mind at all -- it watches the mind.

Does salt concentration increase as water evaporates?

yes salt concentration increases because the ratio of water to salt changes as the water evaporates under heat. at the beginning levels are normal but as there is less water it will be more salt. look at it this way: beginning- if you have a cup of water and one teaspoon of salt its even distributed end- now if you have half a cup of water and one tablespoon of salt, you ll notice its the same amount of salt but the second solution contains much more.

Does increasing the concentration increase the amount of product?

No, increasing concentration of a reactant simply allows for more of a reaction to take place as there will be more molecules present for collisions to happen. Although increasing the volume probably would yield more of a product. The same is true for catalysts higher concentration = more collisions (look up collision theory) although the catalyst does not get used up, simply regenerates.

The concentration of salts increase until what happens?

The concentration of salts in a solution can increase to the point of saturation. If heated, saturated solutions may become supersaturated by the addition of more salts. When cooled, crystallization of the salts in the solution may occur.

Bases increase the concentration of what?

What makes a base is the presence of the hydroxide ion, the formula for which is OH - . In fact, the pOH of a base goes up as its pH goes down (pOH means "potential of hydroxide.")

How a student can get rid of TV and concentrate on his studies?

Simply switching it off,telling yourself you don't need the idiot box, but your text books to raise your grades. Unplug the TV to make sure it's off! Also turn off the cellphone, the video games, the internet -- yes, the internet! Just having it on in the background distracts you! Now, get your materials ready before you start, have the right attitude, and dig into those studies!

How do you help ADHD students find the concentration to study?

I have found a website where there are good self help techniques for ADHD students. I have given a link to the website in Related links below There are various methods to help ADHD students concentrate on their studies. The best technique is listening to calming music especially designed to help ADHD students. This calming music consist of scientific sound therapy techniques which actually addresses the brainwave imbalances associated with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Does the concentration of sugar increase carbon dioxide?

Increasing the concentration of sugars in a solution, lead - by fermentation, to a greater release of carbon dioxide. - - - - - Given a perfect world, yes - yeast eats sugar, so if you give them more food they'll produce more CO2. But they can only eat so much, so if you've got a yeast shortage in your container of sugar water you're not going to get as much CO2 as you potentially could. You also need to look at the alcohol content of the solution. Yeast dies at 13 percent alcohol content, so if you were to try to increase the alcohol content of 10-percent alcohol content wine by adding yeast and sugar you won't get as much CO2 as if you tried this in a solution with no alcohol in it.