How can increase students concentration?

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An increase in enzyme or substrate concentration will?

An enzymatic reaction is an equilibrium reaction and thedeterminers of rate include enzyme and substrate concentration. Anincrease in either enzyme or substrate concentration

Why does an increase in concentration increase the rate of reaction?

When the concentration of a solution increases, the particles are moving quicker as they have more energy. This results in more collisions between the substrate and the soluti

Why does the rate of reaction increase as you increase the concentration?

when you increase the concentration of the reactants the particles move quicker resulting in more collision. This makes the rate of the reaction to increase. Even if the part

Does pH increase as the concentration increases?

Yes. Ph is nothing but measuring the conc. of H+ ions. So if more H+ ions are added to a solution then yes pH should increase. If the solution has lots of OH- ions like a

Why don't students concentrate on their studies?

It is too much fun living and playing to concentrate on studying. Students get distracted from studying, and many of them don't realize how important studying is. School is

Does increasing the concentration increase the amount of product?

No, increasing concentration of a reactant simply allows for more of a reaction to take place as there will be more molecules present for collisions to happen. Although increa
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How can i increase my concentration level in studies?

You can increase your concentration by turning off all electronics.You will need to get a good nights sleep and eat healthy. Also,drink plenty of water. Good Luck with your st