How can sensitivity achieved on an IF amplifier stage of a heterodyne receiver?

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Where is the Amplifier?

Ignition Amplifier? . If you mean the Ignition Amplifier - it's a small rectangular Electronic part attached to the inner wing behind the battery - Bosch Part - about �50 to replace, they seem to go wrong at around 10/14 years - easy plug in replacement but use the heat sink conducting paste ( Full Answer )

What is an amplifier?

A device used to make an instrament louder, usually an electric guitar.. Answer . Sound signals have a certain amplitude behind them (power). If the signal is week, it is difficult to hear and transmit. Therefore, you need an amplifier to add power to a signal in order for it to be heard and tra ( Full Answer )

What is sensitivity?

The ability of an organism, or part of an organism, to detect changes in the environment is termed as sensitivity.. What is microphone sensitivity? . A microphone sensitivity specification tells how much electrical output in millivolts a microphone produces for a certain sound pressure input in d ( Full Answer )

What achievements and awards did Dan Marino receive?

Dan Marino received dozens of awards during his football career.Among them are 1984 NFL MVP, 3 time All Pro and an enshrinement inthe College Football and Pro Football Halls of Fame.

What is a super heterodyne receiver?

A superheterodyne receiver is a Radio Frequency receiver method that multiplies the received signal frequency with a local oscillator frequency to get frequencies that are the sum and difference of the 2 frequencies. For example, if the received signal is 5MHz and the local oscillator frequency is 4 ( Full Answer )

What is the fidelity sensitivity and selectivity of a receiver?

These are the 3 criteria in choosing a good receiver. Sensitivity refers to the ability of the receiver to receive very weak signal. Selectivity to select the desired frequency and reject the others. lastly, Fidelity to produce good quality of signal without distortion.

Explain working of two stage RC coupled amplifier?

A: The RC couple amplifier will probalbly not work if fed directly since the first amplifier can be sitting a some DC value which will offset the bias on the second amplifier therefore a capacitor is inserted to remove the DC component and allow AC to pass trough

Can you use an extra stereo receiver for an amplifier?

If it has auxiliary inputs, such as a line level input, then yes, it should be able to serve as an amplifier. Be warned though that it probably won't work well as a guitar / instrument amplifier.

At what stage of Pneumonia is it alright to receive a massage?

After the antibiotics have had a chance to start their work and the fever is gone, if there was one. It also depends on the severity of the pneumonia. If it is severe and requires bed rest, then no massage should be given until the person is able to get around and do activities of daily living witho ( Full Answer )

What is 2 stage RC coupled amplifier?

connections are to be made per the crkt the main of this crkt is to make strong or to bost the signal comming to the crkt input is given with ac supply and they are connected to resistor and capacitor when the ac suppply is given it contains slight amount of dc supply so to block the dc supply c ( Full Answer )

What is an amplifiers?

Amplifiers are used to strengthen analog signals. Analog signals become weaker after travelling a certain distance,they need to be amplified so that the data is not lost on the way and reaches intact.

What are the instruments for the study of the gain of a two stage RC Coupled transistor amplifier?

depends on whether you would like calculate or measured results. if you want calculated resulted, then your best bet would be to use an oscilloscope. if you want calculated results, then there are formulas for finding out the voltage, current, impedance, and individual results from each component us ( Full Answer )

List of awards and achievements JK Rowling received?

2000 Guardian Children's Fiction Prize (shortlist) Harry Potter andthe Prisoner of Azkaban 2000 Sheffield Children's Book of the Year Award (shortlist) HarryPotter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 2001 Children's Book Award (shortlist) Harry Potter and the Gobletof Fire 2003 British Book Awards Boo ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between heterodyning and superheterodyning?

When you combine signals of the same or different frequencies. The resulting energy will be each original frequency and the sum of the frequencies and a frequency that is the difference of the two signals. This is the basis of heterodyning. This allows us to take an information signal and "upconvert ( Full Answer )

In a two stage amplifier does the input impedance of the second stage affect the voltage gain of the first stage?

as i understand this impedance is something that impedes, or adds resistance or something like that. ( There are impedance bonds on the railroad to divide the track up into sections for signal purposes) by words, you see the connection with impede and impediment. the impedance, like resistance, woul ( Full Answer )

Do you connect speakers to receiver or amplifier?

Depends on what your definition of "receiver" is, but most of the time - to the amplifier. Consider: if the receiver is some form of a device that receives some signal, and then decodes it to audio, then the receiver will hook into the amplifier, which in turn will drive the speakers (so the s ( Full Answer )

Working of single stage amplifier?

A simple, 1 transistor single stage amplifier can be made using several resistors to bias a NPN or PNP transistor into its' linear operating region. With this done, a small voltage signal applied to the input of the amplifier will have the voltage amplified at the output in a linear fashion. I'm no ( Full Answer )

Why super heterodyne radio receivers are called 'super'?

When two frequencies are "mixed" the sum and the difference frequencies are produced. These frequencies are called heterodynes. If these frequencies are outside the range of human hearing they are said to be supersonic. The full name of a superhet receiver is supersonic heterodyne. This receiver use ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of gain in an amplifier or operational amplifier. Is high gain or low gain is what we try to achieved?

There are many uses for amplifiers. Some try to achieve extremely high gain such as in a radio receiver. Many try to achieve no overall gain. Examples include mixers and filters. Some only try to achieve limited gain. Oscillators try to achieve zero gain at most frequencies but unity to very high ga ( Full Answer )

What awards has Michael S. Dell received for his achievements?

Customer Satisfaction Award, J. D. Power and Associates, 1991; CEO of the Year, Financial World, 1993; CEO of the Year, Industry Week, 1998; Entrepreneur of the Year, Inc., 1998; Chief Executive of the Year, Chief Executive, 2001.

Why is the polarity of capacitors in RC coupled amplifiers such that the negative terminal receives the input signal?

The input signal is assumed to have zero DC bias. Input stages will typically have a positive bias on the base or grid, respectively, of the first stage transistor or tube. So, the input terminal is more negative. ANSWER: The polarity of the capacitor is determined by the bias polarity as used. If t ( Full Answer )

How can you amplify?

You amplify by getting a microphone and speakers. Once you have played into the microphone i then amplifies into the speaker and a louder volume is created

What achievements did CV Raman received?

CV Raman received several achievements in his lifetime. He won theNobel Prize, Franklin Medal, and the Lenin Peace Prize amongothers.

What is the advantage of two stage amplifier compared to single stage?

In a two stage amplifier the gain (ratio of the output to the input quantity) of the first stage is amplified again in the second stage so the gain of a two stage amp is the product of the gain of two individual stages which is sufficient enough to drive the output device as compared to a single sta ( Full Answer )

What is meant by biasing in a single stage ce amplifier?

Biasing in a single stage common-emitter amplifier means to place the base-emitter current at a point where the collector-emitter current is in the middle of the transistor's linear range. First, you pick the target range and output impedance of the amplifier, picking the collector and emitter re ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between an amplifier and a receiver?

An 'amplifier' usually refers to an audio amplifier for a HiFi stereo system. (Although amplifiers are used in other devices, such as Radio transmitters, and is an electronic device for making a signal bigger.) A stereo amplifier usually has inputs for various signal sources, such as phono, micropho ( Full Answer )

Why three amplifiers are used in Tuned radio frequency receiver?

There are more than three amplifiers in a typical radio receiver. If, however, you are asking why there are three "stages" in the IF section, then the reason is that the IF section of a typical superhetrodyne receiver needs more bandwidth than can normally be provided by a single stage. As a resu ( Full Answer )

What political achievement Kevin Rudd received?

Elected 2007. Signed Kyoto Protocol ; Issued apology to the Stolen Generations ; Withdrew troops from Iraq War ; Upheld Australian involvement in War in Afghanistan. Home Insulation Program issue. Resource Super Profit Tax issue. Emissions Trading Scheme proposals. Challenged for the leadership o ( Full Answer )

Will a 110 volt receiver amplifier operate on 240 volts?

Some have a 220/120 switch on it's back displaying the 2 voltages. Sometimes the switch is 'locked' in place with a set screw into the side to prevent accidental movement. Another way is to purchase a voltage converter for this very purpose for travelers to difference voltage services. These may be ( Full Answer )

Where might one purchase an amplifier receiver?

One can purchase an amplifier receiver from the following stores; Amazon, My shopping, Adorama, Best buy, Getprice, Olx, Hi-fi tower, Tigerdirect and Sulit.

Why would one want to deliberately reduce the Q of the tuned circuits of the intermediate frequency amplifier stages of a receiver?

Because if the Q is too high the bandwidth available for the signalwill not be adequate. The passband of the IF amplifier requiressteep sides to reject interference, which requires several tunedcircuits, but the bandwidth is set by the type of signal beingpassed, e.g. 3 kHz for a voice communication ( Full Answer )

How do you achieve a wide bandwidth and a high voltage gain in an amplifier?

Do you mean with opamp circuits or tuned RF/IF amplifiers? In both cases several stages can be used to increase the gain. With opamp circuits though getting both wide bandwidth and high gain at the same time is difficult. With tuned RF/IF amplifiers two things can be done to get wide bandwidth: 1) ( Full Answer )