Why does kitchen sink water tap gives shock sometimes?

It may just be static The faucet is grounded. Were you shuffling across carpet before this happened? Turn off the lights when this happens. If you can see a spark it is stat (MORE)

Why is there no water pressure in the kitchen sink taps?

Your faucet may be clogged. If you have good pressure elsewhere in the house, this is your most likely culprit. You may just have crappy overall water pressure. If you don' (MORE)

Kitchen sink fills with water from dishwasher. Why?

If you have a garbage disposal, the dishwasher empties into that. The disposal either needs cleaning to open the small drain holes or they have become rusted and don't have en (MORE)
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Where can one buy kitchen sink taps?

Kitchen sink taps can be bought from a number of home improvement businesses on and offline. Better Homes and Gardens (BHG), Home Depot, and Lowes are all examples of shops th (MORE)